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From the pre-MCC archives: Anne and I as a very different dynamic duo at Wizard World Chicago 2010.

Welcome to Midlife Crisis Crossover! If you’re only recently discovering the site, tonight we present a quick overview of what we’re frequently about when we’re left to our own devices. If you’re an occasional visitor, you might see a tidbit or entry you missed the first time around. If you’re a longtime follower who reads the site so devotedly that you could win trivia contests about us, please enjoy the above photo as a random bonus never before shared here.

Sure, you could go straight to the “About” page that contains the site’s pre-credits narration. That’s one option. Alternatively, here’s a selection of past entries telling some of the tales that led us where we’ve gone so far:

* The absolutely true secret origin of what pushed me to create the site at age 39. The short version: just because no one will pay you to do what you love, or to do what you suspect you might be good at, is no reason not to do those things. Enjoy the enjoyment. If the enjoyment leads to something else, great. If not, don’t let the enjoyment become retroactively joyless. There’s a reason why you did it anyway, whether or not you can tell what that reason was.

* In a pair of co-written entries, my wife and I told the story of how we met in 1987 and eventually married in 2004 after a number of exasperating detours and painful yet necessary life lessons.

* “How Not to Drop Out of College Twice“, in which I tell your children how not to end up like me, a two-time university failure who does what he does without a single degree, who’s had to take the long way ’round for a lot of life’s journeys. (You can tell this entry is from MCC Year One because there’s no picture. Yet another lesson/preference that took me months to adopt.)

* Meanwhile, my own son is a junior up at college. It’s been a long time since the last “empty nest” entry (here’s the next-most recent), so here’s an update: yep, he’s still doing fine. I/we drive up to see him once a month for lunch, movie, and grocery run. I’m told this semester has been his easiest yet because it’s contained no reappearances by his lifelong arch-nemesis, Math. He turned 21 last summer and thereby lends me more credibility every time I describe myself as old.

* Our dog Lucky is still kicking around, still hyper and intrusive and lovable. I have a soft spot for the one entry that explored the differences between him and Hawkeye’s dog Lucky.

* Digging into archival material has been tricky for me ever since The Great Hard Drive Crash of July 2015 saw our hard drive crash without a viable backup and turn several thousand photos and many, many words’ worth of MCC plans into so many nonconsecutive zeroes and ones. Lucky for us my wife’s into scrapbooking, Shutterfly, and keeping hard copies of the most important memories. Just the same, if you have a friend who has superhuman data-recovery powers and doesn’t charge you thousands of bucks to use them, by all means give them a shout-out here.

Other topics you’re most likely to see covered here on MCC:

* Our annual road trips! It’s a thing Anne and I have been doing in some fashion every year since 1999. I used to post our travelogues on another site, but they’ve been an exclusive MCC feature since 2012. So far I’ve also reprinted and remastered our trips from 2001 and 2006, with plans to represent all of them here over time, some sooner than others. Once we wrap up our 2015 drive down to The South and our groundbreaking bonus trip to Colorado Springs last November, we’ll be revisiting our 2011 road trip to Manhattan, hopefully in time for the sequel coming in summer 2016.

* Convention experiences! We just did C2E2 last month, exceeding expectations and then some. Our next stop will be the third annual Indiana Comic Con the last weekend of April. If you’re in the area and trapped in an autograph line for hours, feel free to yell hi at us while we’re grilling hot dogs at our base camp on the opposite end.

* Movie reviews! I’m not a film scholar and I don’t like pretending I’m a disapproving professor who has much to teach today’s aspiring professionals and aging hacks, but sometimes I have thoughts anyway, and I like scribbling them down before I forget what I’ve seen altogether. A nagging voice in the back of my head is now shouting something unintelligible about Zootopia, which I’ll get to, um, hopefully before it’s on home video.

* Random things! Headlines! Humor! Second-tier family! Geek stuff! Counterintuitive blogging advice! Potato chip flavors! Whatever comes to mind! The advantage of lacking a professional focus and a trained editor is you can write whatever you feel like writing, even if it alienates readers and runs counter to all the how-to guides parroted by every internet writing-advice blog ever. It’s one of those many, many things that keeps me out of the really popular cliques. Other assorted things that tend to sever my relationships before they start include the entries about why I don’t curse, why I don’t drink, and why I loathe The Big Bang Theory with the power of a million exploding suns. Got plenty more where those came from.

Topics I wish I wrote about more often: faith and comics, in that order. Entries are mixed in there from time to time, but they consistently occupy far more head space than bandwidth. That’s not right.

Part of me wishes I also wrote more about TV, but I’m finding it’s easier for me to follow along on Twitter than to recap here at length. Sleepy Hollow has basically decapitated itself, but I can still have fun live-tweeting Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and those too-rare occasions when we can watch new episodes of Chopped and Chopped Junior live instead of time-shifted. (I’m tempted to start taking live-tweeting requests, but I’m afraid of what kind of suggestions I’d get.)

We’re now past the 1000-word mark and miles beyond the 500-word mark that How To Win At Blogging sites will tell you is the point of no audience, so I’ll knock it off and get back to being me, sorting my options and preparing for more new entries in the weeks ahead, in which we’ll see one last Presidential burial site in Tennessee, finish up our WWII tourism for 2015, revisit an excellent donut shop, exonerate one of those last two delinquent Kickstarter campaigns that owed me rewards, attend my next concert, vote against Trump, count down to Indiana’s Bicentennial, celebrate MCC’s 4-year anniversary, figure out what to do with our 1300th entry, and make the most of whatever else life and internet throw in our path along the way.

We’re the Goldens. This is who we are and what we do. Join us, won’t you?

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