C2E2 2016 Photos: Dance of the Mad Deadpools

Dance of the Mad Deadpools!

Toting around a boom-box blaring mad beatz, roaming the show and rapping all Friday long, that’s Deadpool on the left with his funky pal Spidey, whose costume is red enough that he basically counts as an honorary Deadpool.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: my wife and I spent two days at the seventh annual Chicago Comics and Entertainment Exposition — or “C2E2” to Ichabod Crane and other acronym haters out there — where Midwest comics fans in particular and geeks in general gather together in the name of imaginary worlds from print and screen to revel in fiction and touch bases on what’s hot or cool at this moment in pop culture. Larger shows like San Diego have garnered the nickname “nerd prom”, which I don’t care for because I have issues with the word “nerd”, but I’ll agree the always fascinating cosplayers make every con quite the extraordinary masquerade ball.

Longtime MCC readers know Deadpool cosplayers have been a rapidly growing demographic in previous cons. C2E2 is the first con we’ve attended since the Merc with a Mouth got his own movie in theaters that’s raked in a ridiculous $340 million at the American box office with no signs of stopping anytime soon. So naturally his variants once again ruled the dance floor and were the belles of the ball.


Kidpool kind of does a jig around the super-sized BB-8 at the Funko booth.


Movie Deadpool, now in theaters, is now filthy rich and no longer has to street-dance for quarters.


Santapool brings toys and goodies to all the naughty children of the world. In March, because Santapool has no use for The MAN’s oppressive holiday schedule.

Assassin's Creedpool!

Assassin’s Creedpool is looking for his old partner Cable, who hasn’t hit the big screen because he has a terrible agent.

Captain Ameripool!

Captain Ameripool: the Winner Soldier.

MLP Deadpool!

Wanna buy your own costume? Can we interest you in a My Little Ponypool ensemble?

Deadpool Sweater!

Or you could settle for our extensive line of Deadpool-wear, such as this sweater, which looks cool unless you look too closely and notice it’s covered in tacos instead of chimichangas. This is clearly FAKE GEEKWEAR.

11th Doctorpool!

The 11th Doctorpool, the last guy you want tap-dancing all over your timeline. And for those who don’t watch the show, the hat is canon. Or was for about two minutes. Good enough!


Ashpool already caught ’em all, but only Pikapool survives because he locked the other Pokepools in their Pokepoolballs and suffocated them. Whoops!


Finnpool headlines an all-new, all-different, extra-bloody Adventure Time dance party.

Lady Deadpool!

Roaring Twenties Lady Deadpool is obviously the most fabulous and worthy of your Queen of the Dance votes and is SHOCKED at all these crimes against Deadpool fashion.

More C2E2 pics to come. Stay tuned! Other entries in our special 9-part series:

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