The MCC Christmas Archive 2014!

Christmas with Morgan Freeman

Submitted for your re-approval: the third annual MCC imaginary reading of A Charlie Brown Christmas‘ version of the Christmas story by Not Morgan Freeman. (Freeman photo credit: CynSimp via photopin cc)

By the time many of you glance at this, the Christmas season will be over and your internet contributions for the rest of the year will consist mostly of blocking former loved ones on Facebook and brainstorming New Year’s resolutions that were made to be broken. For anyone who wants to prolong the magic, the following guide to recommended Midlife Crisis Crossover Christmas entries from 2013 and 2014 is provided here as a value-added holiday gift for anyone who’s been too busy for reading this month, for longtime MCC readers who love themed compilations, for those who forgot what last year was like, or for incorrigible MCC spammers who need new pages to infiltrate. For new readers who joined us in 2014, last year’s MCC Christmas archive should bring you up to date on what you missed from MCC Year One, and provides glimpses into what ideas I might be tempted to recycle in 2015.

Enjoy! And if I don’t see you tonight or tomorrow: Merry Christmas!

Frosty the Snowman!

* “My Super Awesome ‘Frosty the Snowman’ Reboot Pitch” — If you click on just one of these entries, let it be my outline for a thirteen-episode Frosty series reboot called Snowman, which totally deserves a mid-season slot on The CW, or maybe Esquire TV. My favorite thing I’ve done all month, possibly one of my five favorite 2014 entries in terms of sheer writing joy.


* “Mamaw’s Christmas in November” — The tale of our annual trip to the Indiana Christmas Gift and Hobby Show, including photos and toys and Santa’s 89-year-old groupie.

X-Mas Jawas!

* “Our Very Special Christmas Diorama and Wreaths” — A look at the geek Christmas collections my wife and I let rule in our house each year.


* “A Christmas Tree of Many Kindnesses” — The more serious story of why our Christmas tree this year is 95% free of licensed characters, and why we’ve come to like it that way.

John McClane IS Bruce Willis IN Die Hard 2!

* “‘Die Hard 2’: That OTHER Technically Christmas Movie” — This was a holdover from 2013, the year I forgot to create a separate MCC Christmas Archive. Grievous oversight on my part. While other internet users have been touting Die Hard as a Christmas movie for years, here I made the case for its first, best sequel, which contains just as many Christmas tropes and indicators, if not more of them than its classic predecessor.

Bath & Body Works!

* “42 Bath & Body Works Rejects for Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers” — By now it’s too late to buy Christmas gifts anywhere except gas stations, but the next time you need to pick up toiletries for that special someone, consider this shopping list of misfit shampoos and FDA-disapproved lotions.

Pink Bunny Suits!

* “2013 Road Trip Photos #27: Christmas at Ralphie’s House” — Another 2013 bit of yuletide cheer: pics from our visit to the A Christmas Story house and museum in Cleveland. We saw the rooms inside the house, walked around the replicas that made them possible, met one of the actors in person, and managed not to shoot an eye out, because of the important lesson we learned at Ralphie’s expense. Thanks, Ralphie!

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