2014 Christmas Photos, Because Christmas

Mamaw's Tree!

Closeup of my wife’s grandmother’s Christmas tree. The family sees to it that it’s put up and decorated and standing tall for her every year.

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Just, y’know, for the record.

Lots of folks out there are busy, bustling, hustling, jostling, careening around their nearest shopping district and/or enduring work for just one more shift until that wonderful time arrives. So much to plan, so many gatherings to negotiate, so much food to hoard and craft into pleasant shapes before the stores shut down, so few moments to spare for reading or internet interaction or Liking stuff. It’s okay. I understand. We’re busy here, too, even though this is MCC’s 900th entry and I feel like I should be celebrating or something. But hey, Christmas and all that, right?

In that spirit of bouncy Christmas merriment and limited free time, we present Christmas pics of recent vintage never before shared on MCC, until now for your split-second perusal and positive Christmas reinforcement. Please enjoy, then go do whatever you gotta do, up to and including CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Cardinal!

If only Rudolph had had a red body like this cardinal, just imagine the places Santa could’ve driven — into coal mines, the darkest jungles, Martian caves, Mordor…

Christmas Tablecloth

The only holiday-themed tablecloth we own. A picture of a tree to drape over a piece of furniture made out of tree.

Gray Bros!

Modest decor at my wife’s favorite restaurant, Mooresville’s celebrated Gray Bros. Cafeteria, as seen on TV’s Man v. Food.

Christmas trees!

This year our church has set up multiple Christmas tree displays where members and visitors alike are encouraged to gather for family Christmas photos at a fraction of retail cost, quick Christmas selfies for social media domination, or fun shots of random trees that look odd and spooky when no one else is around.

Giant Christmas Tree!

This extra-large tree is the annual lobby centerpiece in downtown Indy’s own OneAmerica Tower.

Spare Christmas Tree!

My brother-in-law’s family has one Christmas tree in the main living room and this backup tree in the mostly unused family room. This shot yearns to be the front of a rustic, homemade Christmas card someday.

That holiday again: CHRISTMAS! Thank you. Brought to you by the Christmas Council. Be sure to Christmas wherever you work or bank. Also, before I forget: Merry Christmas!


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