2014 Road Trip Photos #3: Art of the Milwaukee Riverwalk

SS Core!

“SS Core” by Robert W. Smart. I look at it and I see a beryllium sphere from Galaxy Quest.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

Each year from 2003 to 2013 my wife, my son, and your humble writer headed out on a long road trip to anywhere but here. Our 2014 road trip represented a milestone of sorts: our first vacation in over a decade without my son tagging along for the ride. At my wife’s prodding, I examined our vacation options and decided we ought to make this year a milestone in another way — our first sequel vacation. This year’s objective, then: a return to Wisconsin and Minnesota. In my mind, our 2006 road trip was a good start, but in some ways a surface-skimming of what each state has to offer. I wanted a do-over.

Our first major stop on Day One was the Milwaukee Riverwalk. In years past we’ve strolled along Riverwalks in San Antonio and Pueblo, and Indianapolis back home has its own Canal Walk. Each combination of city streets and pretty streams has its own feel, none interchangeable. A key component of every body-of-water pathway: local art.

Supporting the Question!

“Supporting the Question” by Jeremy Shamrowicz, evocative of the Riddler trophies from the Arkham Asylum games.

Common Comrades!

“Common Comrades” by Manu Garay.

You Rise Above the World!

“You Rise Above the World” by Richard Taylor (a local artist, not the WETA Workshop pioneer).


“Trigon” by Allen Ditson. No relation to the Teen Titans villain. I think.

Gray Tower.

“Impossible Dream” by Elmer Winter. Let’s pretend it’s Orthanc.


“Crescimus” by Elmer Winter, part of the “Manpower Sculpture Collection”. I think.

A Phoenix!

“A Phoenix” by Ted Kraynik. No, not the Phoenix.

Vertical Spirit I

“Vertical Spirit I” by Gerhard Kroll.

Neptune Arch!

Metalworks abounded on various properties bordering the River, including this Neptune arch.

Pere Marquette Park!

The greenest patch of land along the Riverwalk is Pere Marquette Park, guarded by Tom Queoff’s rendition of namesake Pere Jacques Marquette, famous missionary and explorer.

Cow and Ballerina!

Also standing in Pere Marquette Park is Schomer Lichtner’s “Cow and Ballerina”. This concept would make a great Cartoon Network series until the network cancels it due to low toy sales. Curse that fickle toy-buying public. They’re worse than Nielsen families.

To be continued!

[Link enclosed here to handy checklist for previous and future chapters, and for our complete road trip history to date. Thanks for reading!]

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