“Breakfast Supper Nights”: a Tribute to EXTRA Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner!

Behold one of the greatest pleasures of my work month: that very special occasion known as “breakfast for dinner”, or in some circles “breakfast for supper”. Always consult your local linguist for proper lingo before discussing cool things.

Tonight was that night for us, a bit of perfect timing for me since I’d had salad for lunch. Don’t get me wrong: fine salad, varied ingredients, fresh quality, but it only whets the appetite through part of the afternoon. Come three p.m. I’m already scrounging through my desk for emergency cheese-‘n’-crackers or stale chips left over from previous months’ birthday pitch-ins. But the premature hunger pangs are worth it if you know there’ll be a feast waiting for you when you eventually get home once you’re done working too much overtime yet again. Thankfully my wife has taken to making each breakfast-for-supper event an extra hearty meal — extra scrambled eggs, extra bacon, just extra, extra, extra. She’s stellar that way.

If you don’t get the magic of the whole “breakfast for dinner” concept, there’s not much I could do to persuade you. Either your eyes sparkle when it happens or they don’t. All I can tell you is it’s the kind of meal that puts a song in a man’s heart.

In fact, I think I feel a song coming on right now.

Pardon me, and feel free to retreat to a minimum safe distance, while I indulge in a little tribute set to a famous quasi-jazzy ballad from my youth. Fair warning: it scans oddly because the original lyrics barely bothered with rhyming. Somehow the song went Top 40 anyway. I blame it on the singer’s magic hair.

“Breakfast Supper Nights”
(to the tune of Richard Marx’s “Endless Summer Nights“)

Workday came and went and left us boring
Hit the door and bailed and I was gone
And now you’re just the same as me, fleeing from your job so we
Can be nice and safe at home

Now I’m home but you got here before me
Somehow all our meals just taste the same
I’d spend some cash to take us out, but we don’t wanna go back out
Oh, please, make breakfast again

And I can tell how much you love me
Eggs and meat and bread until our belts would feel too tight
I’ll remember every moment of those breakfast supper nights

I still recall the warmly buttered biscuits
And the gravy took forever to get done
Simmering into wondrous goop, not too long or else it’s soup

And you remembered all the items at the grocery
Extra eggs and bacon do us fine
We can have it all again, second helpings each and then
The rest is mine all mine all mine

And I remembered how you love me
Food was what we had until the serving plates went dry
I’ll remember every moment of those breakfast supper nights

There’s only so much I should eat, so please don’t cook more meat
I’m glad we ate together
That’s plenty filling for tonight, not another scrumptious bite
Oh, honey, I surrender

[Dave Koz sax solo! With sizzling skillet backup!]

And I’ll remember how you love me
Farms are what we’re glad will keep it coming till we die
I’ll remember every moment of those breakfast supper nights

And I remembered all that bacon
Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Hi!
I’ll remember every moment of those breakfast supper nights…

[special thanks to the fine folks at’s Daily Post for inspiration on two fronts. Hopefully they’ll forgive me for crossing the streams and threatening the structural integrity of our universe.]


17 responses

  1. Oh my word! At the SONG you wrote…ha!
    I love breakfast for dinner, def get a sparkly in my eye. I have it at least once per week as my dinner seriously. Either pancakes & soy sausage or some eggs & potatoes scrambled goodness.


    • Sounds great, and now it’s making me hungry. Every Wednesday night I have a routine of making myself an omelet and popping in something to watch while my wife avails herself of our PC for the evening. So there’s another extra breakfast every week!


        • Great question! Our favorite was a little place called Genesis Bagels, which had twice the selection of Panera Bread, but they closed in May 2013. There’s a local chain called Cafe Patachou that we’ve done a couple of times — pricey, fancy, organic, not something I’d do weekly, but I dig their coffee and stylish omelet ingredients. There’s another new chain called Another Broken Egg that’s recently reached Indianapolis and has a much more creative menu than our local diners and fast-food joints. Closer to home there’s Flap Jacks, which is like IHOP except local and cheaper, and feels less corporate-cookie-cutter. If we just want donuts, the answer is Long’s Bakery. They’re in a scary neighborhood, but they’re the best donuts in Indy.


          • Nice! Writing them down in my little travely book in case I ever get out that way. Flap Jacks sounds like a me-type place too. The best donut shops seem to be in the worst neighborhoods for some reason.


  2. I kind of want eggs and bacon for dinner, but the thought of Richard Marx just killed my appetite!

    Well done on the song, very big improvement over the original! 🙂


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  6. I think the only thing that plate’s missing is a sliced ripe tomato. And potatoes. If potatoes are there hidden under that gravy, you have both my apologies and my respect. I love breakfast for dinner when it looks like that. Not so fond of oatmeal for dinner, but cereal with milk works well in a pinch.


    • To be honest, we stopped keeping potatoes in our kitchen several years ago while I was dieting; afterward, we just never got back into the habit. I honestly hadn’t given it any thought till you mentioned it. And yet, if we order a restaurant breakfast with a potato-ey side, we’re cool with them. We’re odd that way.

      In my opinion oatmeal should never be what’s for dinner. Not all breakfasts were created equal!


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