A Very Special MCC Thanksgiving Haiku-tacular

Thanksgiving dinner leftovers

Thanksgiving success / is measured by the lack of / pretty leftovers. [Source: file photo from / our two thousand eleven / meal to end all meals.]

Just because I can
Write a Thanksgiving haiku
Clearly means I should

Thanksgiving returns!
Gratitude and platitudes
Brought out of storage

Remember all those
Who made your life what it is?
Time to get thanking

Just one day per year
Spent with related strangers?
Make it Thanksgiving!

You see them rarely
One day won’t hurt, might be fun
Stop making that face

Stop resisting
Is visiting not your thing?
Magic words: free food

That feast of stuffing
In, with, by, on, under turkey
Which part’s the main dish?

Plain mashed potatoes
And cranberry anything
Begone from my sight

Beyond the turkey
Veggies stand between you and
Seven kinds of pie

“Over the River
and Through the Wood” is the day’s
Big one-hit wonder

Break out the board games
Some friendly competition
Scrabble? HA. I win.

Many watch football
Leave them to their devices
More pie for me, then

Others will just nap
Blame defenseless tryptophan
For glutton’s coma

Leaving so early?
Those deserters have a name:
Shopping addicts. FIE.

Can we go now, too?
And is it almost time for
A Christmas Story?

Thanks. Love. Grace. Joy. Faith.
May these overflow for you
Sincerely, all day.

Cherish while you can
Before they all bleed away
Because Black Friday.

[Special thanks to the WordPress.com Daily Post for inspiration and amusing disregard for American holiday schedules.]

* * * *

For curious readers, the MCC Hall of Thanksgiving also offers the following past goodies, all 100% Black-Friday-free:

* “Turkey Leg Rock”, my own addition to the canon of Thanksgiving carols!
* Photos of (technically) the Plymouth Rock!
* Photos of Plymouth’s Monument to the Forefathers, in honor of the Pilgrims!
* Last year’s round of thankfulness!

Once more, with feeling: Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

9 responses

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  2. This Thanksgiving I am grateful for bloggers like you who keep me reading and writing and finding abundant delight in the disorder of the world.

    Have a blessed holiday season, my Hoosier blogging buddy.


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    • Ha! It’s no coincidence that the (few remaining) noodles are at the forefront, either. They’re my wife’s grandmother’s specialty, the star of the table every year. She’s 88 and still makes them from scratch. Amazing lady.


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