The Unkindest Roads


For all we talk about road trips, sometimes the open road is not our friend. Last Saturday it was determined to be the enemy.

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2012 Road Trip Photos #39: Prolonged Missouri

On Day Nine, we prepared to exit Webb City and begin the last section of our 2012 road trip. We had very few stops planned on this eight-hour leg and hoped Missouri would grant us the courtesy of safe, expedient passage.

After bidding my in-laws farewell, we detoured for one last sight in town — giant praying hands that stand tall down the street from Ozark Christian College. We took comfort in their presence and prayed they were a good sign that our journey would be under watchful, merciful eyes.

Giant Praying Hands, Webb City, MIssouri

No one likes to see their hopes answered hours later with an ill omen.

Smoke on I-44

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