The C2E2 2013 Music Panel: Our Disappointing Photo Collection

When my wife and I attended C2E2 last year, I only made time for two panels: the Marvel NOW! panel that spotlighted their Infinity event and other upcoming new series; and a themed panel comprised of various creators with music-based projects on their comics resumé. I was more excited about the latter panel and its guests. When we got home and uploaded our photos the next day, I was chagrined to discover that this photo set, above all others, was the least impressive. I forget which happy album eventually cheered me up — possibly They Might Be Giants — but eventually I recovered. The experience gave me fond memories while serving as an unwanted learning experience.

Despite the morose expressions, I promise there was much joy and music-geeking to be had from listening to these fine talents:

C2E2 2013 Music Panel

This way for a closer look at two Marvel writers, an editor, and several power cords!

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