Another Convention, Another Sleepless Night Before


Badges! And papers! On every table-shaped surface! So. Many. PAPERS.

My brain is buzzing too much to write paragraphs right now. Our ninth foray to C2E2 in Chicago is this weekend, and I think we’re ready, but I dunno if we’re ready ready.

Our workplaces are left to their own devices and out of our hair for now, which is great because we both need a break. The relatives are notified. The things that need sitters are set for sitting. The Saturday badges and the Friday will-call papers are secured. The trade paperback want-list is slightly updated and reprinted. The Artists Alley MVPs are pinned. A few autographable objects are squared away. The convention’s mammoth event schedule is pared down to a list of a few must-sees, two jazz-hands appointments, and a wealth of optional possibilities. The favor we’re performing for a friend-of-a-friend is mapped out. The bags are packed. My stupid new pills are not being left behind. The wardrobe is selected. The hotel is confirmed. The non-Dunkin donut shops nearest our hotel are on radar. The devices are charging. The checkbooks are balanced. The official C2E2 app is downloaded and ready to be useless to me because I am old and printouts are my jam.

Maybe we’re nearly ready ready, then? All that’s left is to sleep, arise, leave, drive, arrive, line up, get inspected, stampede, say hello to talented strangers, bid farewell to my money, be severely shocked and honored if anyone recognizes us, accept there’s no shame in stopping or resting, pray for the best, and keep in mind whoever says “I’m getting too old for this” loses.

Updates as they occur through my usual social channels, unless signal quality is awful or everything is dull. Otherwise, updates after the fact. if all my accounts go too quiet, assume the worst, by which I mean either illness or broken phones, and feel free to panic for us. I promise we’ll be flattered!

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