Merry Christmas from MCC!

Elf Sweater!

Not an ugly sweater in my book. I mean, the fashion chapter in my book is just a footnote that says, “EDITORS NOTE: The author doesn’t get fashion,” but still.

This year most of my Christmas ties were given the season off while a new addition to my holiday wardrobe gets taken out for a couple of spins.

It’s extremely rare for me to look to Will Ferrell for inspiration on any matter beyond “Celebrity Jeopardy!”, but Jon Favreau’s Elf — a joyous, infections celebration of faith and hope lived out in an uncompromising optimist’s life, magically but encouragingly free of irony and cynicism — is not only Ferrell’s all-time greatest film; it’s the greatest Christmas film ever made after 1990. When I saw this homage sweater on sale last month, I knew it had to be mine. The generous discount helped.

I found this in an “ugly Christmas sweater” section, which is a phrase that’s beginning to lose meaning as too many manufacturers fail to get the spirit of the concept. Most of them are making kitschy sweaters, which aren’t the same thing. Also, this sweater is definitely goofy — which I’m fine with — but I wouldn’t call it ugly. I’ve seen an almost-ugly version on a coworker, which probably cost twice as much. On their version, Ferrell’s slap-happy face was a photo transfer instead of sewn, his face was surrounded with quotes such as “OH MY GOD! SANTA!” and it was wired with blinking Christmas lights. I’m not one for Christmas style competitions, but it took me a few minutes to accept that I was the underdog in the room. I’ll be okay as long as none of our relatives are sporting one of those — or an even gaudier take — when we gather on Tuesday.

Speaking of which: Merry Christmas to all, Hearty Holidays, Vivacious Vacation, Delightful December, and/or congratulations on surviving 2018. May your day be merry and bright, your celebrations delightful and invigorating, your downtime peaceful and rewarding, and your holiday clothing choices cozy and spiffy in their own special way.

What do you, The Viewers at Home, think?

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