Wizard World Chicago 2017 Photos, Part 3: Last Call for Cosplay

Hands of Blue!

The mysterious Hands of Blue from Firefly, on the hunt for WWC guests River Tam and River Song. Their next target after that: possibly Melissa Rivers.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

It’s that time once more! This weekend my wife and I made another journey up to Wizard World Chicago in scenic Rosemont, IL, where we found much enjoyment and new purchases alongside peers and aficionados of comics and genre entertainment. Friday night left us near death by the end of our day, after a few miles’ worth of walking up and down the aisles and hallways, with breaks to go stand in lines of varying lengths and value. We’re the Goldens. It’s who we are and what we do.

…I know, I know, less typing, more costume photo galleries. While you enjoy I’ll just be sitting over here in a musty corner, waiting to get back to writing paragraphs at some point. ‘sokay, I ain’t jealous.

So: cosplay! From gaming, movies, TV, and cereal!

Dirk + Daphne!

Princess Daphne swoons for her hero Dirk the Daring from Dragon’s Lair.

Super Mario Gang!

Luigi, Waluigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser from the Donkey Kong Gaming Universe.

Luigi + Bowser!

The Luigi and Bowser of Earth-2.

Bob-Omb + Gold Brick!

Possibly from both earths, a Bob-Omb and a Super Mario gold coin brick.


Auron from Final Fantasy X. I’m annoyed that I overlooked Lightning from FFIII.

Subject Delta!

Subject Delta from Bioshock 2.

Umbrella Corporation!

An Umbrella Corporation soldier from the Resident Evil series, standing watch in the lobby. I could easily imagine Wizard World outsourcing their security to them.


It never fails: every con, I take at least one pic of a character I think I recognize but I don’t. Hey, did any bosses out there lose a henchman?


Frank from Donnie Darko.


Predator awaiting prey by the Wizard World souvenir store.


Pennywise, soon to star in a major motion picture suffering from Tim Curry deficiency.

Blues Brothers!

Full disclosure: I feel a little less old whenever I tell people the Blues Brothers were before my time. I’ve never seen the movie, and my first Saturday Night Live episode as a kid aired during the golden age of Eddie Murphy.

Griff Tannen!

Griff Tannen, future idiot son of Biff from Back to the Future Part II. I am eternally relieved none of his alt-timeline fashion trends came to pass.

Darth Revan-ish!

Possibly Darth Revan. possibly an original Sith Lord or possibly a video game Darth. My wife knows the old Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, but never got into the games.

Lucky the Leprechaun!

Lucky the Leprechaun, worried the kids are after his Lucky Charms because they’re slightly more edible than the Convention Center chow.


The Headless Horseman minus horse, which makes him the Headless Walker. Or the Headless Stroller. The Headless Traipser. Whatever.

Weeping Angel!

The Twelfth Doctor steers clear of the Weeping Angel’s line of sight.


Also from the world of Doctor Who: Missy! One of the best parts of the Peter Capaldi era.

Mary Poppins + Bert!

“Why, I do daresay I am rather quite Mary Poppins, you all!” (Bert the chimney sweep merely nods and smiles. Good plan, Bert.)


Glinda the Good Witch reminds you that you had the cosplay power in you all along! My work here is done!


McCree, different McCree, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, and D.Va from Overwatch capture that common, awkward convention moment when a cosplay group has been posing for ten minutes straight and don’t know if they’re free to go or if twelve more photographers are running up behind them.

Harry Potter Adults!

Bellatrix LeStrange and Lucius Malfoy welcome their newest Death Eater, Professor Trelawney. Frankly, they’re desperate and taking anybody who’s too distracted to say no.

…and that’s very nearly it for our 2017 costume photos. Cosplay also factored into one of the panels we attended, but we’ll come back to that. We might’ve had dozens more than these if the autograph and photo-op lines hadn’t kept us trapped away from the action a bit longer than we’d expected, or if we were younger and faster, or if we recognized more anime characters anymore. The older we get, the fewer faces and costumes we’re recognizing, which dampens our graying enthusiasm. I hate hate hate posting unlabeled photos. I enjoy learning about new universes, but the crowded show floor isn’t always the best classroom for that. Regardless, we like to praise and share what we can.

To be continued! Other chapters in this special miniseries:

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