FandomFest 2017 Photos, Part 2 of 2: Cosplay!


The Spectre, DC Comics’ renowned spirit of vengeance, bids you welcome to the land of the vengeful!

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: on Saturday my wife Anne and I attended FandomFest in Louisville, KY, the twelfth iteration of this entertainment/”comic” convention that’s quite low on comics, heavy on controversy, improper in its online customer service, saddled with a years-old negative image not really helped by the depressing role call of thirty-one canceled guests, and graded a solid F by the Better Business Bureau. But beyond the mountains of baggage, their volunteers were pretty friendly to us in person despite their upper management, and the fifteen actors in the house seemed like decent folks.

But enough about that. Are you as tired of reading about FandomFest’s issues as I am of typing about them? If not, I totally understand and I hope one day true customer satisfaction will be yours without requiring a nasty blood vendetta against the Lochners. Until then: we got costumes! Lots of costumes! Fans do love the cosplayers and their cosplay. Backroom shenanigans or not, dozens of cosplayers sported their finest duds this weekend and did what they could for the sake of convention quality-of-life and their favorite characters. Enjoy!


Continuing the theme of “characters pointing or aiming things at us” is Savitar, self-styled “god” of speed and mortal enemy of the Flash.

Doom FF!

Doctor Doom in his rare Future Foundation variant armor.

Squirrel Girl!

The unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Tippy-Toe the squirrel wonder.


Scarecrow, who wants to show Batman something up close…

Scarecrow Face!

…HIS SURPRISE EXTENDABLE JAW, which made Anne jump about three feet back.

Jack Skellington!

Jack Skellington getting antsy between holidays.

Miles Morales!

Miles Morales, your other friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


Robocop thanks you for your cooperation.

Tenth Doctor!

In addition to the usual sonic screwdriver, the Tenth Doctor brought his spare hand and a tiny dollop of Adipose.

River Song!

The Doctor’s extremely good friend River Song, one among many Doctor Who fans really missing Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook this weekend. (Check out her official page for more cosplay fun.)

Colonel Sanders!

In case you thought I was kidding about Colonel Sanders cosplay in Part One. And he even brought one of Gonzo’s girlfriends for lunch!


Continuing the theme of “fans who insisted on posing with Anne”: Moana!


Mandatory Deadpool. I think the variant-Deadpool cosplay fad is finally dying, judging by its absence here.


Count Orlok from Nosferatu, energetically working the show floor on behalf of The Devil’s Attic, a local Halloween haunted house.

Lego Batman!

The kindly Lego Batman tabling on behalf of the Ohio River Valley Cosplayers and Prop Builders, a fine cosplay group that participates in local charity events. Their next benefit will be a street painting festival in October on behalf of the Foster Children of New Beginnings Foundation.

Butler + Beauty!

Earl Alois Trancy (Black Butler II) and Elizabeth Midford (Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic) meet Belle and Prince Adam, both really missing those five canceled Beauty and the Beast guests.

Nightwing Croc Two-Face!

Nightwing, Killer Croc, and Two-Face.

Gamora + Star-Lord!

Star-Lord, Gamora, and li’l Baby Groot.


Director Krennic from Rogue One.

Jawa + Sandcrawler!

A Jawa in a Sandcrawler that also functions as a wheelchair. Not sure if it fit into the Macy’s elevator.

Black Knight!

The Black Knight, limbs intact before the flesh wounds.


Ursula, wondering if the mall food court sells scoops of mermaid on rice.

Planet Hulk!

If you’ve read the great Planet Hulk, then you know this variant. If not, you’ll get to see extracts from it in Thor: Ragnarok.


Margaret Kerry, one of the thirty-one cancellations, was the original voice of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. A shame she missed this awesome tribute.

The End. Thanks for reading! Hopefully we can find a great non-FandomFest opportunity to return someday to the Kentucky convention scene. If so, see you then!

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