The Indiana Bicentennial Bonus Bric-a-Brac Bonanza

Bicentennial jazz hands!

The nice lady at the Hoosier Homecoming photo booth used the green-screen tech and limited effects at her disposal to add little, economical Hoosier flourishes to yet another jazz-hands performance. This one’s for you, Hoosier State.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

On October 15th, downtown Indianapolis hosted a very special convention of sorts. The “Hoosier Homecoming” was a celebration held at the Indiana State House in honor of Indiana’s 200th birthday, with a host of well-known local faces in attendance, an opportunity for self-guided tours of the State House, and the closing ceremonies to the Indiana Torch Relay, a 37-day event in which a specially lit torch — not unlike the Olympics’ own, but inspired by the torch on our state flag — traveled through all 92 Indiana counties by various transportation methods until its final stop in Marion County at the Homecoming.

It all comes down to this: one last photo gallery from our Indiana Bicentennial extravaganza — not just additional sights seen around the Indiana State House lawn during the shindig, but a selection of other Bicentennial-related sights we’ve spotted around our fair state over the past five months. Happy Birthday, Indiana!

Bicentennial banners!

Mandatory Indiana Bicentennial banners as helpful streetside save-the-date reminders.

Colts trailer!

It wouldn’t be a celebration of all things Hoosier if we didn’t include the Indianapolis Colts, despite their current record and their curious new strategic stance that defense is against their religion.

literary characters!

Several booths provided fun activities to kids and adults that earned us a coffee-table book about Indiana farmers. This table, hosted by the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library system, asked attendees to pin an Indiana-shaped Post-It with the name of their favorite literary character. It would take a real crime lab scientist to spot mine.

Also previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: we showed you the Bicentennial Bison that were on display at this year’s Indiana State Fair, part of a Bicentennial art project to create 92 painted bison, one for each of Indiana’s 92 counties. a few represented at the Homecoming.

Sullivan County Bison!

The Sullivan County bison honors art, fishing, and Native Americans on this side.

St. Richard's Bison!

Not all the bison were county-themed, such as this one hailing from Indianapolis’ own St. Richard’s Episcopal School.

Bison zero!

Inside the Indiana State House, I think we found Bison Zero.

Cookie the Bison!

Across the plaza from the State House, the Indiana State Library offered its own themed mascot, Cookie the Bison, posing here with painter Troy Fiechter.

Indiana State Library stained glass!

The Indiana State Library was also open for the occasion and featured a selection of Indiana artifacts and historical displays for perusal. The stained glass windows are a more permanent fixture but really catch the eye.

CENtennial poster!

Among those artifacts: a vintage poster celebrating our 1816 Centennial. How they managed that without jazz hands, I have no idea.

About that aforementioned Indiana State Fair: please enjoy a few outtakes from those previous MCC galleries, showing off some of the Indiana Bicentennial objects and merchandise that were on hand:

Bicentennial Subaru!

The only Subaru plant that’s not in Japan happens to be up in Lafayette. Their most benevolent overseers joined in the festivities.

Bicentennial pencils!

If a Bicentennial SUV is beyond your budget, they also had free Bicentennial pencils.

Bicentennial cake!

A thoughtful 4-H member baked an Indiana Bicentennial cake.

Hoosier Inspirations!

One kiosk salutes famous Hoosiers throughout history. You might recognize a few names.

Our most recent Bicentennial Bison sighting happened this past weekend by dumb luck. While driving south through Orange County to visit relatives, we encountered their bison standing at the roadside near the fanciful West Baden Springs Hotel.

Orange County bison!

The other side features their local casino, but this side stars the Amish, who were a thing in Indiana centuries before casinos were.

The very first Bicentennial Bison we saw this year stood outside the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library’s central branch downtown, which we sauntered around before the Indy 500 Festival Parade.

Marion County bison!

As with many of the other bison, this one trumpets the power of reading in general and Indiana authors in particular…

John Green bison!

…and they hasten to remind everyone that Indiana is home to John Green, he of the Vlogbrothers and author of the bestselling The Fault in Our Stars, now a major motion picture. That’s why he gets the coveted position in the bison’s head space.

This concludes our six-part MCC miniseries and, for now, our celebration of the Indiana Bicentennial, unless we encounter more related attractions between now and New Year’s. Other chapters you may have missed:

Part 1: Adventures in Local Government
Part 2: The Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay Finale
Part 3: Bicentennial Cosplay!
Part 4: Notes from the Office of the Governor of Indiana
Part 5: The Art of the Indiana State House

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