Indiana Comic Con 2016 Photos #2: Batman v. Deadpool: Dawn of Cosplay


Maybe Batwoman could take Deadpool alone, but if Wonder Woman wants to cameo, no one’s gonna tell her no.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: Friday and Saturday, my wife and I attended the third annual Indiana Comic Con at the Indiana Convention Center in scenic downtown Indianapolis. In Part One you saw every viable costume photo we took on Friday. We caught so many cosplayers in action today that the Saturday results will be split into two (maybe three) entries.

In tonight’s gallery: another batch of Deadpool variants, which we suspect will be a thing for years to come, and heroes and villains from the Batman family, which kept catching our eye more than usual this time around. Enjoy!


Ready for some baseball! It’s…Ballparkpool? Sportspool? Bettingpool? Cincinnati Redpool?

Harley Quinn!

Harley Quinn! Have hammer, will hammer.


Bedpool, the Merc with a Mattress.

Joker & Harley!

Joker & Harley disguised and apparently struggling with creative differences.


Jarheadpool, carrying a Zombie Deadpool head as a trophy.


My wife is undertall, gracious, and quite polite, but if she spots a Batman ’66 character across the way, she will mow down entire crowds crossing the distance just to meet them. Speaking of which: it’s Batgirl!


Refpool, apparently not getting ready to rumble.


The Batman of Mishawaka was one of our line-buddies twice today. We chatted a lot and all had a blast, but by the end of the day the poor guy was reduced to 200 pounds of Bat-perspiration. That’s dedication to a character.

Penguin + Goon!

Penguin and his goon hitting the campaign trail, and not the worst candidate in this campaign season. For the boxing-umbrella alone he’s got my write-in vote.

Vote Pengy!

Penguin even gave my wife a campaign button. If only we’d thought to bring a baby for him to kiss.

Penguin Campaign!

Penguin has a message we can all get behind. The best Batman can come up with is “Do you bleed?” Some hero. Sad!

To be continued! Check out Part Three for one last call for cosplay, and the forthcoming Part Four for our complete Indiana Comic Con 2016 not-cosplay report!

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