2015 Road Trip Photos #51: Season Finale, Last Call for Outtakes

Queen Anne!

Queen Anne dons her royal attire at Mardi Gras World. Photo by her humbled consort.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: we guided you through our annual road trip in fifty episodes, driven July 11-17, 2015, from Indianapolis to Louisville to Birmingham to New Orleans to Biloxi to Mobile to Monroeville to Montgomery to Nashville to home again. Our previous outtake gallery gave you one last look at our Alabama explorations. Here, then, in our grand finale: outtakes from everywhere and everything else we saw, with an emphasis on New Orleans, the ostensible centerpiece of our vacation. A few were alternate versions of previously shared pics; a few were skipped by dumb oversight; and a few were left behind due to insufficient pizzazz.

But first, a few more glimpses of not-New Orleans:

Dinosaur World!

Along I-65 just south of Cave City, Kentucky: a roadside ad for Dinosaur World, which we visited on our 2007 road trip, one of several dozen concessions for my son that year.

Tropical Trees!

This series contained not nearly enough tropical trees. Biloxi tried its best to make up the difference.

Shark Heads Standees!

Another plastic shark hanging out at Shark Heads in Biloxi. I took quite a few pics of their cardboard standee collection, but they seemed duller in hindsight.

Andrew Jackson Crypt!

Higher-res image of the crypt of recently deposed President Andrew Jackson. This one was wider and captured more of the greenery surrounding Rachel Jackson’s garden, but I was unhappy with how I cut off the dome.

Hermitage Guide!

One of our tour guides for Andrew Jackson’s mansion, about which I remain bitter for the NO PHOTOS rule.

Daisy Duke Jeep!

Cooter’s Place remembers ’80s sex symbol Catherine Bach (back when “sex symbols” were a thing), posing on the far side of Daisy Duke’s jeep.

And now, rejected shots from our intended feature presentation — New Orleans, LA:

WWII Weapons!

Mortar, machine gun, and howitzer on display at the National WWII Museum, omitted for no real reason.

C-3PO Floats!

With Mardi Gras World I focused largely on floats in the shape of familiar characters. Points to C-3PO for sneaking into the background behind these well-crafted nobodies.

Antoine's Restaurant!

We had dinner on Day Three at the Royal House, but noted the presence next door of Antoine’s, one among dozens of French Quarter restaurants we might’ve tried if we’d had an extra sixty days to spend in the area.

Jazz Funeral Groupies!

That jazz funeral procession we saw while in line at Oceana. This moment contained no instruments, just followers.

French Quarter Semi!

I had a hard enough time maneuvering a mere SUV through the French Quarter alleys trying to pass for “streets”. I can’t imagine an entire semi navigating it without demolishing signposts and cars all the way through.

Cafe du Monde Achiever!

That moment I tried my first swig of coffee with chicory from world-famous Cafe du Monde, as seen in Jon Favreau’s Chef and in the photo albums of every friend or relative who’s ever been to New Orleans. And then I added some creamer and three packs of sweetener to neutralize the chicory. I just don’t get it.

C-47 WWII!

The Boeing Center/Freedom Pavilion at the National WWII Museum was made of awe-inspiring airplane shots. This one is ultimately a lots of undersides of planes, which were a smidgen less fascinating than the shots taken from above said planes. But hey: real live war planes!

2023.6 miles driven in the rental car. Three Presidential gravesites. Many reminders of Hurricane Katrina a month before the tenth anniversary. Several pounds of freshly prepared seafood. Four restaurants serving beignets. Dozens of Confederate flags. One Nazi flag. One drunken lady bumping into my wife. Fifty-one chapters from the most-Liked to the most-shunned. Another set of memories for the books.

Thanks for reading. Lord willing, we’ll see you after the next one.

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