Christmas is Over for Now

Xmas Countdown!

With one Christmas countdown ended, now another Christmas countdown has begun. The chalkboard Santa in our annual Christmas diorama is a little too anxious to push us forward, encourage us to start saving up already, and have us ignore the next fifteen major holidays in favor of his. Nice try, Santa, but you were too late to stop the one store I saw this afternoon that already had Valentine’s Day swag on the shelves, right on schedule.

I’m wide awake and still winding down late tonight after a long week and a tightly compressed holiday weekend. In general we’d call this year’s experience a success. My wife and I saw a lot more of our families than expected — over five dozen people in two days, not to mention my son staying with us for the week. As usual, Anne got me the best gifts of all (in addition to her ongoing love and presence, I mean). Our Indiana weather was unseasonably warm and denied us any hope of scenic snow, but I’m reluctant to count off points for that because driving without a jacket on Christmas Day was a fun kind of surreal. The most disappointing aspect of the season was one of those Things I’m Not Supposed to Discuss With Outsiders, so with that part stricken from the record, I’d give Christmas 2015 a healthy B-plus.

So here we are with Christmas wrapped up, no more gatherings on the schedule, all visiting relatives returned to their original starting positions, four business days left to kill, and another New Year’s Eve to spend hiding out with Anne and our TV, probably in that order. She’s already looked ahead on the schedule and noted that Syfy will be running a four-day marathon of every single episode of The Twilight Zone in complete chronological order, so that’s part of her weekend booked.

Meanwhile, I have a few more MCC entries I’d like to have on the books over the next few days, including the annual MCC year-in-review — always one of my favorite entries to compile regardless of whether or not the results cheer me up. After that comes the mandatory year’s-best list-o-mania, followed by I-don’t-know-what. Finding new ways to grovel for traffic or whatever. If at any time in 2016 you see MCC switch to a strict haiku-a-day format, you’ll know I’ve given up on writing and may need counseling. Please don’t be afraid to intervene. Remember, Santa will reward you for your efforts, but only if you act now.

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