Airport ’15: The First One

IND Airport!

This was our view at 8 a.m. this morning from the windows of Indianapolis International Airport. See the colorful Southwest jet at the far end? My wife and I later boarded that one and flew for our very first time.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: we mentioned we’ve never flown before, but that this status would soon be updated. That week is here, and I’m now typing this from the distant reaches of Colorado, where we landed without mechanical incident. The drastic elevation changes have been messing with our well-being all day long, but the flight itself wasn’t at fault. I blame Earth.

The Southwest crew was professional, even funny at times. Our flight attendants were either great at improv or blessed with scripts written outside the standard corporate-pleasantry box. One read the usual dry safety instructions while another pantomimed not-quite-regulation illustrations. We were informed their fabulous lost-and-found department is called “eBay”. Favorite intercom line of the day: “At this time, please fasten your seat belts. The captain is going to try something new.” It’s like someone designed an airline specifically for me, more entertainment than turbulence.

The rest of this week’s entries will likely be short pic-a-day highlights like this one so I can have more time to decompress at the end of each day. Many of today’s major highlights have to wait anyway because the bulk of our pics are on our non-phone cameras and I just realized our laptop doesn’t have a port for SD cards, so those are basically irretrievable till we return home. Expect more travel entries in the near future alternating the 2015 Road Trip chapters, plus whatever geek-based stuff I can wedge between those as time permits.

For the Twitter-enabled out there, I’ll likely be live-tweeting on the go as I did for part of today, with live phone pics and whatnot, to be reposted here for posterity at some later date. Beyond today, I have no firm plan for the rest of the week yet except not to crash on the flight home Friday. Updates as they occur!

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