Star Wars Celebration 2005 Memories, Part 3 of 3: Costumes!

Jedi M&Ms!

Jedi M&Ms: they melt on Mustafar, not in your hand.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: a flashback to our four-day weekend at 2005’s Star Wars Celebration III in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Part 1 was nearly three thousand words’ worth of anecdotes, bullet points, actors, friends, Star Wars creators, popes, and the worst line we’ve ever endured in our entire lives. Part 2 was a basic photo gallery of stuff ‘n’ things that were pretty exciting to us at the time. Now it’s all standard convention decor, but we were younger and easily impressed.

And now we reach the grand finale to this very special all-35mm MCC miniseries in a predictable fashion with predictable fashions. It’s vintage cosplay time! Here’s what the Star Wars fans of yesteryear were wearing before cosplayers divided sharply into two camps: those spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on painstakingly self-tailored tributes; and dudes in store-bought Halloween costumes. Enjoy!

Kit Fisto!

Not the real Kit Fisto we saw in Part 1, but an impressive simulation.


Not authentic Tusken Raider costumes like we saw in Part 2, but impressive simulations. Tiny Sandpeople fan approves.

Gamorrean Guard!

This Gamorrean Guard was accompanied by a Rancor Keeper who didn’t make it into the shot. My old notes indicate this may not have been an accidental omission.

Aayla Secura!

Jedi Master Aayla Secura, little realizing the tragic fate that awaited her in Revenge of the Sith.


Random Mandalorian.

Jango + Zam!

Specific Mandalorian: Jango Fett with old pal Zam Wesell.


This Luke/Han on a Tauntaun was a complex one-man costume. And probably a sweaty one, at that.

Boba Fett!

Boba Fett captures a fan for, like, a ten-cent bounty.

Fun historical trivia: as of 2005 the RCA Dome was still standing and attached to the Indiana Convention Center. The dome was demolished in 2008 and later replaced with the much fancier and more expensive Lucas Oil Stadium.

The preceding pic was one of the only two we took while we were in line to enter CIII. The odyssey began at the front of the Center, wrapped around the west wall to the rear of the building, then went up onto the ceiling of the Center. Entering the con on both Thursday and Friday took us hours, despite Anne’s ostensible fan club perks that were largely an unrequited sham.

Warriors 3!

Sandtrooper, another Boba Fett, and the Emperor’s Royal Guard band together as a very different Warriors Three.


A lone Clonetrooper in a Stormtrooper world. Not that he’s bitter.

AT-AT Driver!

When it comes to Stormtrooper variant costumes, the AT-AT Driver is among the rarest of all.


Vader and his entourage, ready to rumble.

501st Legion!

The other pic taken in the long, long entry line: the 501st Legion hanging out between patrols.

Stormtrooper Parade!

Stormtroopers on parade, because Emperor Palpatine is all about pageantry.

…and that’s the story of why we don’t get excited about taking pics of Stormtroopers at cons anymore. Because once upon a time, we overdosed on them.

And they never held another Star Wars Celebration in Indiana for the rest of our lives. The End. Thanks for reading!

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