Top 10 Rejected Q&A Questions for Edward James Olmos

Agent Gonzales!

“My question is, how soon will you return to Agents of SHIELD, and how many LMDs did they make of Agent Gonzales?”

This weekend Indianapolis has not one, but two conventions returning to town: the Days of the Dead horror show is bringing several notable movie slashers to the west side (Jason! Jigsaw! Phantasm Guy! Joe Bob Briggs!), while the second annual Indy Pop Con once again overtakes the Indiana Convention Center downtown. I’ll be honest: my wife and I thought about attending neither one. Skipping two geek-fests in our very backyard seemed wrong, but I’m not much into horror these days and she never was in the first place; and most of the Indy Pop Con guests are either anime voice actors or YouTube all-stars, which, y’know, I guess those are great for viewers under 25 and I hope they have a total blast this weekend.

For a while I thought our reluctance was the first sign that perhaps we’re getting too old for this stuff. I mulled over that grim prospect for weeks. Then Indy Pop Con invited the legendary Edward James Olmos. I had to think about that one for another while longer. Then I remembered he was in Blade Runner, and I bought our tickets that same day.

So we’re in. We’re hitting Indy Pop Con on Saturday, when Olmos will be signing autographs, doing photo ops, and has a Q&A scheduled at 1 p.m. EDT. It’s Indianapolis’ best chance to ask him all our great burning questions, pry some choice anecdotes out of him from the span of his forty-year career, and make Indy Pop Con 2 one for the record books…if we can all agree to make the most of his panel and not ask him anything stupid, embarrassing, or overused on every convention guest at every convention ever. Pretty please, you guys, BE COOL, won’t you?

From the Home Office in Indianapolis, Indiana: Top Ten Rejected Q&A Questions for Edward James Olmos:

10. Can you give us any spoilers for the Blade Runner remake?

9. Remember that time you were on Miami Vice? Like, wow, am I right?

8. You lost the Best Actor Oscar to Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. Didn’t you just really want to punch him?

7. If you could’ve starred in any $200 million blockbuster instead of all those tiny personal projects, which one would you pick?

6. I haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica. Can you save me some time and summarize all of it?

5. I have a five-part question: What was it like working with Harrison Ford? Have you and Harrison Ford ever done another movie together? Do you and Harrison Ford still hang out? What’s your favorite Harrison Ford movie? And finally, can you get me Harrison Ford’s autograph?

4. Can we call you “Olmie”?

3. Stand and Deliver was a powerful film that meant the world to a lot of people. Any word yet on a sequel?

2. Why did The Green Hornet have to happen? WHY?

And the Number One Rejected Q&A Question for Edward James Olmos:

1. Cristela vs. Jane the Virgin: who wins?


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