Flowers Are Pretty III: the Freshening

Purple's a Flower!

Purple! Purple’s a flower.

It’s that time again! Spring has seen fit to return to the land, and my wife and I have a new batch of photos from the Indiana Flower and Patio Show, a delicate rush of fresh spring air to dispel the morose ugliness of winter and remind us of life waiting for us outside.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

Twice per year my wife and I escort her grandmother to one of two special events at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Each November we visit the Indiana Christmas Gift and Hobby Show. Each March the highlight of her month is the Indiana Flower & Patio Show, which features numerous displays of colorful flora, booths where gardeners and homeowners can peruse and pick out their new seeds, plants, implements, and accoutrements for tending and cultivating their yards in the forthcoming spring and summer. Assorted horticulturists and lawn care companies show off bouquets, sample gardens, and ostentatious flowers you’ll wish you owned.

We brought back photos in 2013 and in 2014, and here we are again. Rather than rack my brains for new narration, this year I’m stepping aside and letting the flowers tell their own stories, whatever they may be, and whatever names they might have. We’re no more authoritative on fauna today than we were before, but we like to take note of the prettiest parts of Creation when we see them. Enjoy!


Lighter Purple Flowers!

Topiary Plus!

Light Purple Flowers!


Pink Flowers!


Many Splendored Flowers!

Mini Roses!

Fresh flowers: a wonderful alternative treatment for those nagging winter blues.

Happy Springtime. 🙂

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  1. Nice … But they would freeze to death in the Dakotas! it is currently 28 (above) and it is sleeting outside. I was hoping to go out today and work on the yard, but it is still frozen solid. We did get a few warm days, enough to rake up the yard and walk the dogs a few times before this cold front hit again.
    So who is the photographer? You or your wife? Love the Photos. 🙂
    Hope you have a great week.

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    • Thanks, and likewise! My wife and I took these, though this batch is more mine than hers. I have another batch of non-flower pics from the show I’ll be posting later this week, and that batch will be more hers than mine, I think. Temps here got up to the low 60s on Saturday, but we’re on a steady decline back down into near-freezing for the next few days. The relief was nice while it lasted.

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