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  1. “So the terms laid down by the blogger(s) in question seem haughty and harsh. After giving it several seconds of shallow thought, I’ve decided they’re not harsh enough.” Thanks for that lol moment.

    Y’know I embarrassingly find myself annoyed at the random “likes” from people I’ve interacted with before that I know didn’t read a post. I think “Why bother? It’s fine, you don’t have to read it. There’s no contract.”

    Anyway these are tough rules so I’m going to have to think them over but in the meantime I’ll be working on my MCC merchandise.


    • Remember, quality merchandise is key, and cutting corners only creates more problems!

      I used to have the same feeling about Likes, especially when they were Likes received literally seconds after an entry was posted. I barely had time to confirm the “Publish” signal went through before I’d get a “Like” notification. Yeah, I wish my writing had that kind of immediate impact. At least wait one minute so I can rationalize it as possible speed-reading.

      (Curiously, I’ve recognized one of the li’l avatars that’s Liked some of your entries as someone who used to do the same thing to me — Liking entries that couldn’t possibly be up his alley. He seems kind of an odd guy.)

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      • It wouldn’t be Michael would it? Because there is no way Michael likes some of the stuff I post. I have another one that use to comment on my posts and now just likes immediately & it drives me bonkers. I don’t want the fake likes! I guess I shouldn’t worry about it.
        Sometimes I find new blogs and recognize the likers “Hey! I’m on to you!”
        I don’t like the business of it, like & follow, like & follow back. I just want to babble.

        My MCC shirt: I’m thinking some sort of breakfast for dinner logo, what do you think?

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        • Breakfast-for-dinner sounds like a brilliant choice of motif. Yours will clearly be the greatest MCC wearable of all time!

          And yeah, Michael’s the one. I started following him because he photographs magnificent overseas things, but for a while, every time I Liked one of his posts, he’d come Like one of mine at random. I thought that was nice of him till the one time he Liked a random Bunheads episode recap. Then I knew, and I sighed wearily.

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          • Same same, beautiful photos but the like-in-return is odd. Haha-Bunheads! Yes I forget what first tipped me off but I had something similar and thought “Really Michael?” Oh well, he means well I suppose!

            Breakfast for dinner it is…

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  2. I do like your “Rules”, but there are limits to what I say or don’t say when I comment. Sometimes I save a page so I can read it in depth or rather so I can make better comments. 6th Child with your name … uh … nope. But have fun with this anyways! 🙂


    • Thanks. 😀 I tend to be the kind of annoying follower that reads and Likes, then blanks out after staring at the empty comment box for too long. Sometimes I just like to enjoy the reading experience as-is, and I don’t like leaving one- or two-word comments because I’m weird like that. But I like what I like, and I try to offer feedback when it feels right, even if it’s just that one tiny check mark.

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    • Well crafted, proper font choice, admission of laughter, and the phrase “dragon droppings” all add up to an A++. Magnificent comment! When we start having MCC Follower Elimination Tournaments, you’ve just earned immunity in Rounds 1 and 2.


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