Awesome Con 2014 Photos, Part 1 of 3: Marvel and DC Costumes

Surf Joker!

Best Joker of the Year. Not just a fan creation, this getup was from a specific episode of the ’66 series that my wife remembers in detail. When the DVD boxed set comes out in November, her pain can be yours, too!

This weekend my wife and I attended the inaugural Awesome Con Indianapolis, the latest attempt to bring the geek convention life to our fair-sized city. The great and powerful Gen Con has had an established presence for years, but cons for other interests besides gaming have had mixed results. In March, the first Indiana Comic Con brought in actors from Game of Thrones and drew in a crowd of thousands that they were ill-equipped to handle, resulting in hundreds (at least) of angry citizens being locked out and turned away. At the end of May, the first Indy PopCon brought in a healthy mix of actors and comics creators, but attendance fell short of expectations. Awesome Con is our newest contestant, an expansion of a company whose previous efforts were in Washington, DC.

Like Indy PopCon, Awesome Con had no specific focus, mixing guests and dealers from the worlds of comics, gaming, TV, animation, and so on. We tried to keep our expectations modest after our previous experiences, but when the local news media kept boasting attendance expectations of 30,000+, particularly in light of the con’s numerous TV ads and interviews, we wondered if perhaps things would go differently this time.

More about that later. The important thing for now is, there were costumes! And photos of same!

Standard caveat for newcomers to MCC: This is something my wife and I enjoy doing, to show our appreciation and awe for those with the flair for this particular aspect of the scene. We apologize in advance for the costumes we missed, and for the non-professional results. Comments and especially corrections are always welcome and appreciated. She and I aren’t plugged directly into every single geek scene out there, so if you notice any wanton acts of mislabeling, please don’t hesitate to call me out. I enjoy learning about new worlds and universes, giving credit where it’s due, and dispelling my old man’s ignorance.


Moon Knight!

One of my personal faves of the day, from one of my favorite comics of the year: Marvel’s latest version of Moon Knight.

Batman Family!

At a con where the headlining guests were Adam West and Burt Ward, it was inevitable we’d see the Dynamic Duo roaming the show floor. With them are their old nemeses Two-Face and, uh, the Penguin of Earth-Happy-Feet.


Cosplaying as a cosplayer: meet Trevor Slattery as his original character “the Mandarin”.


BANE WILL BREAK YOU. Or argue political ideologies with you. Depends on his mood, and on whether or not Talia is watching.

Leia and Fury!

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Leia Organa, Agent of the Rebel Alliance.

Harley Quinn and Homestuck!

Harley Quinn and friends from Homestuck.


Thor brings the Tesseract along for safekeeping. It’s probably safer here than at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ anyway.


Another Batman meets Heath Ledger’s Joker while a friend records the results.


Loki and a friend brought their own Tesseract, leading us to question if Thor might have been duped. Wouldn’t be the first time,


Scarecrow from the Arkham Asylum game The hypodermic Freddy Krueger hand rigs are always fascinating to see.


Rorschach from Watchmen. This con is afraid of him. He has seen its true face.


Scarlet Spider and Iron Spider, two among the dozens of Spider-Man variants we’ll be seeing in Marvel’s massive Spider-event coming later this year.


Catwoman! This time it’s purrsonal.

Black Adam!

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of SHAZAM!, his arch-enemy Black Adam is the character that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be reportedly playing in the DC movie universe. Until and unless that happens, this guy gets it right.

Sith Lord Deadpool and apprentices!

Harley Quinn variant (steampunk?), Dr. Strange, and, the variant we’ve all been waiting for, Sith Lord Deadpool!

Dazzler and Disco Deadpool!

The perfect outfits to match that Indiana Convention Center 1970s carpet: Dazzler and Disco Deadpool! And they brought their own jams!

To be continued!

* * * * *

Other chapters in this special miniseries:

* Part 2: More Costumes!
* Part 3: What We Did and Who We Met

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