How I’ve Spent Too Much of This Winter

old man selfie

(In our family my wife’s usually in charge of selfies, but since WordPress asked nicely, I figured one indulgence couldn’t hurt.)

Of all the fruits of the spirit, patience has been more of a struggle for me in recent weeks than any other.

Much of January and too much of February have thus far been wasted like so. Mired in snow-suffocated days under cardboard-gray skies, pinned inside this fuzzy-gray waiting room on wheels while the panic-stricken drivers around me negotiate the wintery roads at the speed and delicacy of an anxious turtle, even though most of us have been facing this same annual chore for decades.

Except for the three days I was boxed up at home, I’ve found myself suspended in slow-motion transit a lot more often than I’d prefer. Rush hours have doubled in length, fewer cars are accelerating through each green light, and many a conscientious citizen have contented themselves with maxing out at 20 mph in stretches with a 50-mph limit, even in areas where heavy traffic has mashed the snow into safer, navigable slush. I’ve begun to suspect that some people secretly want to spend the rest of their lives driving and never arriving.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that smartphone activities are a cinch at 15 mph, especially when you’re trapped in one two-minute dead stop for every thirty seconds of actual forward motion. To be honest, I’m disturbed to know that it’s not hard for me to flip through phone apps with one hand while driving at bicycle speeds with the other.

Full disclosure: my car was parked while I took the above photo. Not everything is so simple to multitask. Some things shouldn’t be multitasked even if they are that simple.

Yesterday gave me an important object lesson for me in this regard. My car hasn’t experienced any calamities this year (yet), but while driving up to Lafayette to provide my son with much-needed grocery assistance, my wife and I passed more than a few cars by the roadside that were in the process of being towed or dragged out of precarious slide-off situations. At one point on the opposite side near Lebanon, I-65 was closed for several miles due to an overturned van in the middle of the road.

The rest of the day saw a little less eye-rolling from me, and a little more caution. Just the same, it’d be awfully swell if winter would finish its business, pack up for the season, and just begone.

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