One of the more amusing one-joke Twitter handles I follow is Bad Netflix Recs, which pokes fun at automated recommendation services with poor logical parameters. Behold examples of the joke:

And then also:


And so on. 1-2 tweets’ worth of breezy fluff per day in between entertainment headlines, humorist brainstorming jags, and my online friends’ updates. I try to be selective. Following seven hundred entities at once would make for a poor reading experience, and I do like to keep up with those I choose to follow. My use of social media isn’t just to promote myself. Heck, it’s barely to promote myself at all.

Based on my amusement at this lone running-gag cybernym, one of Twitter’s recent weekly emails proposed I also follow the following:

Twitter recommendations

According to Twitter’s complex internal connect-the-users flowchart, the directors of imaginative science-fiction think-pieces such as Moon, Source Code, and Looper bear scientifically demonstrable resemblances to a goofy joke-a-day service.

I did the manual labor and double-checked for myself. Little resemblance, setting aside a single silly joke Mr. Jones posted today for larfs that I’m ruling out as an extreme exception. Much as I’d like to think that rising Hollywood creators spend every waking moment between takes on their iPhones churning out a bon mot a minute, I’m calling foul.

Granted, this is slightly less annoying than Quora’s weekly recommendation that I follow complete strangers for no manifest reason, Facebook’s sad Friend suggestions for friends of friends of acquaintances of enemies of friends, and every piece of spam I’ve ever received from

Can’t wait for Twitter’s future suggestions:

“We’re glad you’re enjoying @LAFilmCritics ! You should also try @FilmCritHULK !”

“If you enjoy @MadMen_AMC you might also try @MADDOnline !”

“Sure, @WendyDavisTexas has her fans today, but we think you’d rather try @Wendys !”


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