“Revolution” 5/20/2013 (spoilers): Charlie vs. the Murderous Mole

Jason, Charlie, kissing, JD Pardo, Tracy Spiridakos, Revolution, NBC

Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Jason (JD Pardo) share a moment of true love while a disenchanted Atlanta evacuates in panic.

When last we left the heroes of Revolution, Nora had been captured by the Monroe Militia, spirited away to Philadelphia, and brought face-to-face with President Monroe himself. This week’s new episode, “Clue”, Monroe attempts to lure Nora to his side by giving her a white dress reminiscent of the Master’s maidens in Manos: the Hands of Fate, offering her free romantic dinner, and even wearing some of Miles’ cologne, which I’m sure he stockpiles by the gallon for occasions such as this.

Nora responds to his overtures by declaring alcohol abstinence and threatening him with a wine bottle. She’s easily overpowered and sent to a militia dungeon, where she’s tortured for exactly three weeks, using all the usual methods plus psychotropic drugs, administered courtesy of Miles’ old friend John Sanborn (Leland Orser, last seen 3/25/13). On Day 21 she spills the beans about Miles’ whereabouts, about the Rebel Alliance’s plans, and about Rachel and Aaron’s trek to the Tower.

Monroe finds this enlightening. He’s never heard of the Tower. When he mentions this conversation to his tentative ally Randall Flynn (Colm Feore), an off-guard Flynn tries to downplay its importance. Monroe already stopped trusting Flynn a while back, knows he’s lying, and prepares to cap him point-blank. A normally unflappable Flynn breaks down and admits the Tower could restore all power worldwide, effectively ending Monroe’s monopoly and reign. To save his own skin, Flynn tempts Monroe with the promise of secret Department of Defense goodies stored inside (“skunk works” projects, by Flynn’s description, so they must be totally awesome) and offers to show Monroe around the place. Monroe declares it’s time for a trip to Colorado and orders his copter pilots to make it so.

Meanwhile in the depths of Independence Hall, Sanborn decides he wants out of the evil torturing business. Instead of obeying orders to kill Nora, he dopes her with a more aggressive cocktail, lets her make short work of her misogynist guard, absconds with her and a power pendant, and drives out to Atlanta, where the populace has spent the last 3-4 weeks evacuating after losing most of their army in last week’s episode. Sanborn delivers Nora to Our Heroes and is locked away without a fuss. Miles is relieved, having looked in vain “everywhere” for her — except Philadelphia, apparently. When Nora confides that she spilled the beans on the Tower, and Sanborn confirms Monroe’s plans, Miles decides it’s time for a road trip.

Courtesy of a spare Georgia Federation chopper and Sanborn’s pendant, Our Heroes pile in together — Miles, Charlie, Jason, Neville (who thinks the plan is stupid, but is there on President Foster’s orders), Nora (who’s woozy but guilt-stricken because of crumbling under pressure), Sanborn (who can direct them to the Tower), Miles’ pal Hudson (once again, Malik Yoba, who’s basically lost everything by joining the rebels, from his cushy Annapolis job to his beloved wife), Commander Ramsey (a returning Patrick St. Esprit), and a pilot whose name I missed, which sums up his importance. Miles has the honor of co-piloting.

The flight goes well till fuel becomes an issue, whereupon they land along the way inside the Plains Nation at an abandoned Fort Hanson to siphon gas from other military vehicles. Nora’s perceptions go screwy on her and she separates from the rest of the party. This simple stop for gas goes horribly awry when the pilot turns up dead, his throat slit with an X. This symbol is a Plains Nation calling card, but Miles comes to suspect it’s a red herring: one of them is the murderer. DUN DUN DUUUUUN.

Everyone splits up to find Nora and/or the murderer and/or clues to same. Ramsey is quickly eliminated as a suspect when he’s eliminated from the party with a matching X to the throat. Also, someone’s sabotaged the copter engine, pulling random parts apart. With two murders now on their hands, Miles orders everyone into a handy warehouse and confiscates everyone’s weapons, even a glowering Neville’s, who’s twice as armed as anyone else. Miles even asks Charlie for her weapons because of fairness. Then Miles keeps his gun because he knows he’s innocent, despite others’ protests about fairness, and leaves everyone to shout accusations at each other while he goes scouting for Nora. He finds her not far away, passed out and with a nasty cut on her arm. He brings her back and has her tied up because in her drugged state, everyone believes she might’ve been capable of the worst without even knowing it. She doesn’t disagree.

Neville is suggested as a suspect. He just glowers and says nothing, so they all drop the idea. Sanborn is suggested as a suspect because he was just evil a few days ago. He looks ready to pass out at any moment, not really prepared to defend himself against a room full of soldiers. Jason fumbles in his jacket pocket and discovers a bloody switchblade that he swears isn’t his. Charlie brings up the chronic lying problem he had for the entire first half of the season, then asks him about a mysterious guy she saw him chatting with back in Atlanta, earlier in the episode. After a little hemming and hawing, Jason insists that’s easy to explain. That was just some Monroe Militia soldier named Billings asking if he would do a bro a solid favor and murder Miles for him. Jason promises he was disinclined to acquiesce to the guy’s request.

This explanation fails to pacify anyone — not Miles, not his own dad, and certainly not Charlie, all suspicious of him anew. Jason runs for his life before the kangaroo court can convict and slay him on the spot.

Miles looks for Jason in a different warehouse, but runs across Sanborn, who’s noticed something he thought Miles should know: the bloody switchblade had an Annapolis insignia on the handle. While Miles pauses to think, in walks Hudson, who shoots Sanborn in the chest and begins pounding on Miles, who’s probably chagrined that Hudson was the only party member they failed to accuse for at least a second. As it turns out, Hudson is really, really bitter about losing everything because of Miles’ crusade, and Our Heroes are considered “high-value targets” since they’re the stars of the show. Also, the Militia is holding his wife captive and has been ordering him to destroy the Rebel Alliance from within OR ELSE for quite some time now.

They fight and fight and fight. Miles takes a savage beating. Before Hudson can end him, Jason emerges from nowhere and plants three bullets in Hudson’s chest, possibly with a gun he concealed during the earlier confiscating. Jason says nothing, drops the gun, walks up to his father, still says nothing, and walks away. So now Miles and Neville are 99% certain Jason is innocent. This time.

Once Nora’s meds dissipate, her head clears up enough for her to repair the sabotaged engine. The surviving heroes fly away, more somber than when they arrived — especially Jason and Charlie, who sit on opposite sides of the copter, lovebird status suspended. No one thinks to ask if anyone besides Sanborn knows where the Tower is.

Meanwhile, President Monroe’s entourage has set up base camp in Colorado Springs outside the Tower’s entrance, set into the side of one of the Rocky Mountains. We learn the misnamed “Tower” is half a mile tall, but it’s all underground. A shackled Flynn is ordered to open the door and let Monroe inside, but the system curiously denies his access codes. Somewhere inside the Tower, a shadowy group of figures watches Flynn and Monroe over security camera feeds.

And what of our other two heroes, you ask? Rachel and Aaron, the only characters without air transport, who’ve been on this side quest for months, finally reach Colorado on foot via Route 160, which crosses the state’s original eastern border at its southeast corner. From there to Colorado Springs would be over 200 miles. Aaron and Rachel handle that last stretch on foot while the rest of the cast is racking up flight mileage. Too bad no one thought of stealing a pendant and requisitioning a flight for them months ago

Eventually they do indeed reach the Tower, where Rachel reveals her master plan. She hands Dr. Warren’s extensive Tower operator manual to Aaron, who’s to infiltrate the Tower and restart the world’s power using his Google-biz knowledge and his proprietary tech that’s allegedly been incorporated into the Tower’s design. To buy him the necessary time, Rachel will create a distraction by murdering Monroe and finally satiating her lust for blood-soaked vengeance. Aaron argues at first, but fails to prove how Monroe’s death would not be really distracting.

Rachel sneaks up on a perimeter guard and awkwardly strangles him with a belt until his neck snaps from disbelief. She dons his uniform and waits till nightfall to sneak into Monroe’s camp. She locates his tent, walks in, says hi, shows him a grenade with the pin already pulled, and releases it and its lever.

To be continued!

* * * * *

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