A Photo Salute to Green, Before it Retreats into Hibernation for the Winter

This week’s edition of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is the first such challenge I’ve ever attempted. It’s not a fierce competition with a major award at stake, but I feel sheepish daring to share a theme with so many top-notch professionals who do this for a living and/or have had extensive formal training. In the spirit of fun, though, I’m giving the Challenge a whirl anyway.

Behold my octet of entrants from my own collection, submitted in the categorical competition of general greenery:

1. Sugar Creek runs through Turkey Run State Park near Rockville, Indiana.

Turkey Run State Park, Rockville, Indiana

2. The Jolly Green Giant, standing tall and proud in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Jolly Green Giant, Blue Earth, Minnesota

3. A mural in downtown Indianapolis, one of the “46 for XLVI” murals created especially for our 2012 Super Bowl tourists.

46 for XLVI, Green Mural, White River Canal

4. The Capitol Dome of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Capitol Dome, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

5. The one and only Central Park, algae and all.

Central Park, Manhattan, New York

6. A John Deere tractor on display at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. I took this photo only because it reminded me of Ken Cosgrove.

John Deere tractor, Indianapolis Flower & Patio Show

7. A friend’s garden of backyard delights, tended and curated in a Chicago suburb. They were actually the subject of a photo spread in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens, the only issue of which we’ve ever bought, let alone saved for posterity.

backyard garden

8. The Riddler, ably representing for our convention-costuming brethren.

Riddler, Wizard World Chicago

In conclusion: green is your friend, your confidant, your exterior decorator, your tourist attraction flourish, an above-average R.E.M. album, and the fashion style of some of the best characters ever.

This message has been brought to you by the Green Council. Be sure to pick up green wherever you bank or salad. Thank you.

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