NaBloPoMo 2012: the Best New Month of My Calendar Year

NaBloPoMo 2012 BadgeBefore settling in at WordPress last April, I kept an infrequent blog for several years as an adjunct creative outlet for my geek message-board experience. It was a fun tool with purposes uniquely assigned to it, but hardly connected to the traditions known throughout the world of blogging at large. (I suppose the term is “blogosphere”, but that still sounds odd to me. Is that used within the community itself, or just a catchy label that the mainstream media affixed to it?) A friendly Thursday alert from The Daily Post was the Internet’s first attempt at teaching me about the concept of NaBloPoMo. Apparently that information was need-to-know and the Internet thought I wasn’t ready in my thirteen previous years of participation. Perhaps the Internet exhibited wisdom beyond words in withholding this knowledge from me. Regardless, now that I know, I refuse to unknow.

If my research hasn’t been too hasty, I’m now informed that NaBloPoMo (“National Blog Posting Month”) is an annual challenge for bloggers to commit to thirty straight days of posting during the month of November, at least once per day. It’s a companion event to NaNoWriMo (“National Novel Writing Month”), in which a few of my online friends have participated over the years. Offhand, NaBloPoMo sounds like the perfect alternative for folks like me who love writing and like conceptual marathons, but who struggle to stick to the novel format for reasons of our own. (If you’d told me as a teenager that twenty years later I would find myself more comfortable writing nonfiction formats than fiction, I would’ve thrown such an angst-ridden tantrum.)

One post per day has been my personal goal since MCC’s inception. I was elated to discover that an entire tradition dovetailed with said goal, and even added a celebratory framework to the proceedings. I’m assuming that the “day” in the NaBloPoMo guidelines pertains to our perceptions of what hours comprise our own personal “day”, since my best time for punching the “Publish” button tends to be shortly after midnight on most evenings, but still within the same “day” that I arose 16-18 hours earlier, because that “day” doesn’t officially end for me until I’m physically asleep. If I’m wrong and midnight-to-midnight is the law of the NaBloPoMo land, I trust someone will call me out and have me disqualified me without mercy. Please be gentle in your mercilessness.

Until and unless that happens, I’m curious to see what becomes of this event. I peeked into a few other blogs last night that I’d never seen before, and hope to find time in the days ahead to browse a little more. Hopefully I can keep my own li’l plot of land tended and growing here in the meantime. Suggestions and questions are always welcome from one and all, and older readers can expect to see me revisit my irregular features before the month is over and my NaBloPoMo party decorations have to be dismantled.

If this is your first time here because you’re a NaBloPoMo window-shopper, or even if you’re one of my three charter readers (optimistically rounded up) who’ve been with me since Entry One, thanks very much for your patronage. Please accept this poem as a token of my gratitude, an expression of my immediate fondness for the NaBloPoMo concept in general, and free advertising for whoever created the concept and deserves to own the trademark:

Now is the autumn of our new content
All for the viewing by our noble crowd
Blogs as our soapbox, whatever our bent
Lashed to the keyboard, writing with head bowed
Out with excuses, no failure’s lament
Press through November; live thirty days loud!
Off with naysayers who mock this verse, mine;
My acrostic, not sonnet, missed no line
Observe: “NaBloPoMo” ends, lettered nine.

…so that’s out of my system now. Pardon my fair lack of rhythm. Tomorrow we’ll return to some regular non-meta programming. Cheers!

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