“MCC Request Line” Prologue: What Do YOU, the Viewers at Home, Think I Should Try Out?

I’m trying something new here. Bear with me while I work out the details and set up my premise.

A few of my MCC commenters, the greatest Internet citizens of all time, have suggested works they think I ought to check out, either because they might be aesthetically rewarding, or because they’re likely to instill the kind of garment-rending anguish that I can only exorcise through verbal backlash in this particular venue. Some are things I’ve thought about but merely never took the time to sample. Some I’ve not tried or have actively avoided because of the awfulness I can sense emanating from them at a great distance. As my way of showing my appreciation for your suggestions, I’d like to give them a shot and then write about the results here. Since I have a few such requests lined up, an umbrella title seems in order.

I plan for the “MCC Request Line” irregular feature to represent demonstrations of my willingness to try works I’ve never sampled before, as recommended to me by others in the replies to this or any other MCC entries. TV shows and comic books would be the easiest to take on, because they’re the easiest for me to access or acquire, but I’m very much okay with movies and should be fine with other media, as long as I don’t have to overspend or resort to pirating. Novels are extremely problematic because I already have an embarrassing unread backlog that should last me till retirement, but it’s still not a guaranteed “no” depending on the circumstances, though I have no eBook reader and would be limited to hard-copy only. (I don’t have a lot of hours for reading entire books on my home PC.) Anything that’s basically sex for sex’s sake is an automatic no (Exhibit A: Fifty Shades of Grey), as would anything too ridiculously extreme. (Exhibits B and C: Alan Moore’s Neonomicon; stab-by-numbers torture-porn flicks.) Otherwise, I’m probably game, where feasible. I can even think of a few things I nearly always hate, but would be willing to try anyway if someone asked nicely. (Exhibit D: webcomics.)

I did this once upon a time with comics, and had some fun with it for a while. I tried something similar a few years ago with few online friends who dared each other to watch TV shows we’d never normally watch even with a gun to our heads, just to see what kind of writing reactions they would provoke. After one episode of Desperate Housewives and two consecutive episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, I waved a white flag and hid from my TV for a month. I’m older and hopefully a little sturdier now. Besides, I rather like the idea of challenging myself to write about new things, whether I like them or not. I’ve noticed that for a lot of aspiring reviewers, 99% of their review pile consists of stuff they’d already be watching or reading if they weren’t reviewers. I’d like to see how well I can work outside that narrow box, especially since I’m not fully accredited, licensed, or bonded with the Internet Reviewers Guild. If I actually find neat new things to like, so much the better.

This won’t be a daily feature, but would be another section added to the mix of what I already do. I think it could be a worthwhile experiment. I’d like to keep these entries briefer than my usual daily fare (such as this prologue), since I’ll have to expend extra time on consuming said subject, and also because I think I need more practice at brevity. That may not work, but I still think I need to keep it in mind. I’m also hoping to keep these entries in a rigid format, once I figure out an exact structure that lends itself to multimedia usage. That part may be a work in progress. Also, if anyone submits a list of 100 items and tells me, “DO ALL THESE!” I reserve the right to glare at them and cherry-pick one or two as I see fit.

I have a handful of items lined up to try already, and plan to indulge in the first contestant tomorrow. If I exhaust the list, then it’s back to the ol’ comfort zone for me, where McDreamy and those shameful ‘Wives can’t get me.

It's the comments section! With our very special guest star: YOU!

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