My Diet Year: Our 2005 Road Trip Prelude

Me Before and After.

July 2004 at Lake Ontario vs. July 2005 at an Oklahoma overlook.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: in recent weeks we’ve been sharing the stories of our annual road trips that we undertook before I launched MCC in April 2012. Starting from the beginning and working our way forward, so far we’ve covered 1999 to 2004. Before we make the leap to 2005, a digression is in order regarding some personal development that affected, among other things, some of my vacation photos.

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A Few Plugs for Old Friends

Erin Boyes, Fruitcake

Erin Boyes and just desserts, in promo art for writer/director Seth Sherwood’s short film Fruitcake.

When I first boarded the Internet express back in 1999, I was fortunate enough to discover a few different online communities with hobbies, interests, sensibilities, and misfit vibes similar to mine. A couple of those places humored me and didn’t complain when I stuck around for as long as those communities existed. While many contemporaries, rivals, and extras have come and gone, it’s been a grand old time chatting, debating, spitballing, and growing older in real time while maintaining virtual connections with some of those folks over the past decade-plus. The most gratifying part is watching their creative endeavors in assorted arenas, as cast members (so to speak) have found ways to put their talents to use, been rewarded with moments of success, and/or kept dreaming even bigger dreams.

Historically speaking, Midlife Crisis Crossover has been terrible at plugging friends’ projects. You’d think it would be one of the many natural uses for a nicheless blog like mine, and yet…here I am, smacking my forehead and feeling sheepish about the oversight. If I can’t pass along their good news and upcoming projects — especially for the magnanimous one or two among them who’ve kindly passed word along about this site to their own connections since its inception — then what can I pass along?

In that spirit, MCC offers the following items of interest for your perusal. It’s been a privilege to share membership in the same online community with each of these contributors, who deserve the success they seek in their respective walks of life. If said success includes a product with a “Special Thanks” section, here’s hoping they keep the little people in mind. LOUD COUGH.

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