Loki and the Birthday Gal

Tom Hiddlest

There were some thing Thor would never agree to do. That’s why Loki needs more pals like us.

Hey. So. How was your day?

We’re just up in Chicago at the inaugural Ace Comic Con Midwest celebrating Anne’s birthday. After spending half the day roaming through downtown Chicago — some of that in light rain, all of it in numbing autumn temps — then we headed over to Navy Pier, an odd place for a comic con. A few miles of walking over several hours left us basically dead by night’s end. The more birthdays the celebrate, the tougher these exciting expeditions get.

Our tales and photos of who we met and what we did will mostly have to wait till we get home. Until then, please enjoy this fleeting moment of jazz hands with Tom Hiddleston. You may remember him from such works as The Night Manager and Kong: Skull Island. Among other stuff.

No more typing. Must lapse into happy coma now.

What do you, The Viewers at Home, think?

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