Midlife Crisis Crossover Celebrates 6 Years of Stubbornly Blogging All Wrong

Business Mirror!

New head shot taken at a recent business lunch, which is not a phrase that comes naturally to me. Neither do selfies.

I launched Midlife Crisis Crossover on April 28, 2012, three weeks before my 40th birthday as a means of charting the effects of the aging process on my opinions of, applause for, revulsion at, and/or confusion arising from various works of art, expression, humanity, inhumanity, glory, love, idolatry, inspiration, hollow marketing, geek life, and sometimes food. It was also my way of finding a way to give myself excuses to write during a time when joining other people’s conversations was becoming increasingly dissatisfying and rare. Nobody talked about what I wanted to talk about; when they did, my opinions usually got me sent to go stand in the corner or flat-out ignored. And I couldn’t just not type.

Six years and 1,772 entries later, here I remain, not permanently burnt out, not yet out of anecdotes, still finding new experiences to relay, and, once in a blue moon, pulling out a different Moral of the Story to share with the kids these days that I haven’t already hammered into the ground in twelve previous posts.

I’m not quite the same guy I was when I started. I’m wrinklier and ignoring more pains these days. I’ve grown to hate adjectives, especially when trying to sum up my thoughts on movies, when I find myself alternating between the same fifteen or twenty descriptors. I’m actively trying to get more sleep so I might stay alive longer, unlike the early days of MCC when I posted every consecutive day for the first thirteen months even if it left me an utter wreck the next day. I’m slightly choosier about which subjects to write about, which fights to step into, and which moments to stand back and leave the broadcasting to others. A few weeks ago I finally figured out how to format lists in HTML, so that’s a new tool in my shed. I’m not sure if the writing itself has changed, because it’s been about four or five years since the last time I received any constructive criticism. Nevertheless, I yammer on.

I do foresee a day when I might scale back on posting, but that’s not a primary objective yet. Ongoing MCC readers can expect some of the following in the weeks and months ahead:

  • The remastered edition of our 2009 drive to South Dakota, our only annual road trip story that hasn’t yet been shared on MCC
  • Some re-remastering of our 2012 and 2013 entries, because Photobucket will be pulling the plug on image hosting in December 2018, which I used in the site’s early months and now have a deadline to abandon altogether
  • My take on Avengers: Infinity War, which I’m seeing immediately after I post this entry, about which I have much lower expectations than my peers (see my recent writeup on Ready Player One if you’d care for some foreshadowing)
  • Recounts of some of our shorter road trips from years past to various Indiana sites and towns
  • A long-delayed, probably epic-length piece tentatively titled “The Rules and Guidelines of My Social Awkwardness”
  • A new Pinterest board for the Presidential burial sites we’ve visited so far, to better accommodate the several we’re planning to see on our 2018 road trip
  • Our 2018 road trip itself, of course
  • Free Comic Book Day 2018, to which I’m taking a new approach this year
  • More stuff about comics in general would be keen, even though I can’t stop feeling like a misfit every time I chat about them online or in person
  • I would also include “reader requests” here if I ever got any
  • Maybe another convention or two this year would be nice? If we can get some better guest lists?

…and more more more! Updates pending as they pop into my head further down the path.

Here’s hoping I can make the further adventures worth it to those who inspire me and/or who keep motivating me to keep toiling away at this fun flight of fancy for all it’s worth, whatever that means. Thanks for reading, special thanks for putting up with me even when I go out of my way to do the complete opposite of every “Successful Blogging Tips ” listicle ever, and super extra special thanks to anyone who’s specifically insisted on not being a stranger throughout this weird, wordy journey.

4 responses

  1. Congrats on your blogging anniversary! I met my 6th (in January) with a bit of a shoulder shrug, although considering the many blogs that have gone by the wayside since we started, I guess there’s something to be said for still being here!


    • Thanks, Michelle! Now that blogging apparently isn’t the fashionable online outlet it once was, most who try it seem to quit within six months or less. Nearly everyone else I knew who began blogging around the same time — even those who persisted at it for years and amassed many, many more responsive readers than I’ve ever had — has either given up or moved on to other hobbies or responsibilities. There’s a lengthy list of things I’ve quit in my life, and I’m surprised yet grateful every day that so far this site isn’t one of them. It’s become a source of pride, I suppose?


      • When I started, there were already articles out saying blogging is dead. Fortunately, being out of step is kind of my thing. After dipping my toes into different forms of social media, blogging is more my pace. If we wait long enough, like 70s fashion, it will be in again and we’ll be considered “thought leaders” or whatever term they use for old dogs at that point.


        • I’ve found ways to entertain myself on Twitter and connect with a handful of folks there, but my general mode of expression doesn’t lend itself to imposed limits of just quick soundbites and pithy punchlines. Cool or uncool, blogging’s a better fit for me overall. I like to think its time shall come again. Until then, three cheers for the obsolete soapbox!

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