Cincinnati Comic Expo 2017 Photos, Part 1 of 2: Cosplay!

Star Wars Lineup!

We’re used to seeing the 501st Legion and other Star Wars fan groups at cons, but in Cincinnati they really come out in full Force.

It’s convention time yet again! Yes, AGAIN.

Saturday morning my wife Anne and I drove two hours southeast of Indianapolis to attend the eighth annual Cincinnati Comic Expo in the heart of their downtown that’s not so different from ours. The guest list seemed a little thinner, particularly in the comics department, but we had such a great time last year that we agreed an encore was in order.

But first, as usual: cosplay! Presenting a showcase of the costumes we photographed during our hours walking through and around the exhibit hall. We weren’t there all day, and spent much of our time in lines plus one panel, but we managed to capture a selection of folks who caught our eyes during our limited windows of opportunity. Sorry we don’t have dozens more, but…enjoy!

This year’s show featured four actors from the cinematic world of Harry Potter. We consequently saw a 500% increase in wizard robes at CCE over all other cons we’ve attended this year combined, along with other characters familiar to fans of The Boy Who Lived.

Sirius Black!

Sirius Black, fresh out of Azkaban.

Fat Lady!

The living painting that guards the entrance to Hogwart’s Gryffindor House, known only as the Fat Lady until and unless JK Rowling is prepared to divulge her backstory at last.


Potterpool! We expected no less.

We also spent a few minutes trying an assortment of angles on that large Star Wars gathering, who changed positions a few times for variety.

Imperial Officers!

Imperial officers move in for their closeup.

Krennic + Jade + Co.!

Mara Jade and Director Krennic hang out with the Stormtroopers at the other end.


Jawas walking in like they’re the life of the party.

Tusken Raider!

A lone Tusken Raider who strayed from the herd.

And the rest…

HALO-ish dude!

HALO-ish soldier exiting the VR machine, or giant video game booth, or working teleporter, or hair dryer for all I know.

Los Pollos Hermanos!

Employees from Los Pollos Hermanos on strike until and unless Breaking Bad returns but with less meth and more chicken.

The Thing!

The Thing, checking his phone every five minutes in case Fox calls to tell him they’re greenlighting a sequel. Poor, poor thing.

Thor + Iron Fist!

Thor and Iron Fist, plus a bonus Daredevil I cruelly overlooked at the time. Sorry, hero dude!

Jurassic World T-Rex!

One of the 800+ Jurassic World T-Rexes we’ve seen stalking show floors so far this year.

Bioshock Couple!

I totally brake for any and all splicers from Bioshock, whether they’re preying on victims as a couple…

Bioshock Single!

…or single-file but doubly armed.


Nooo ooone goofs on Gaston! No one spoofs our Gaston! No one drops mad rhymes that are bombproof like Gaston’s!

To be concluded in our next exciting chapter!

What do you, The Viewers at Home, think?

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