Introducing the MCC Rerun Smiley!

PeeGee 2016!

You can click him now and be teleported somewhere inside MCC’s timeline, or you can read this entry first and then take the plunge. YOU make the call!

If you’re like my wife, sometimes you’ll flip through your TV channels, find everything new is boring, and instead go paging through the lesser networks and stations for amusing episodes of defunct series that were once beloved by ancient civilizations. In recent months she and/or I have found ourselves inexplicably, temporarily mesmerized at times by the likes of Doctor Who, Supernatural, Grace Under Fire, The Facts of Life, Amen, 227 (we found an episode guest-starring Pee-Wee Herman!), Columbo, Adam West’s OG Batman, and more. When you’re not in the mood to choose your own specific entertainment, sometimes it’s relaxing to turn to your TV, yell “HIT ME!” and see what happens.

And now, you can do the same with Midlife Crisis Crossover!

If you’re looking for free samples, you’ve already read the most recent entries, and/or you’re too bored to close the browser tab, now you can pull up another surprise page by clicking the new button we’ve added to the widget lineup — if you’re on desktop or laptop, check the sidebar at right; on a phone, buried at the bottom of the screen if you don’t mind a little scrolling. Through the magic of WordPress code, that button and its goofy mascot will whisk you away from your current location and toward one of our previous 1200+ entries for another chance at internet entertainment. Odds are you just might find a post you’ve never seen before. If you have, or if you hate what you see, try your luck and click it again and again till you achieve acceptable results. Somewhere in that pile is at least one glint of quality, I promise. I think.

Folks who love scavenger hunts earn bonus points if you stumble upon any of the following:

* The entry with the highest single-day traffic to date, regarding how a tragedy affected a TV show
* The movie review that drew the single most vitriolic response in MCC history
* One of the three Freshly Pressed entries from MCC’s first eighteen months
* The one with a 1000-word comment from someone with a precarious hold on reality that I was afraid to respond to
* The event gallery that got a gentle correction from a world-famous comics artist
* The one and only time I had fun with a product-placement request, for which I was neither paid nor promised money
* The convention write-up that was later reprinted by permission in an actors’ newsletter, in exchange for one (1) copy of said newsletter, which technically represented my first published work (not including a 1993 college poetry booklet)
* The one with a pic in the comments from our 2009 road trip, which I haven’t reposted here yet
* Set lists for the two concerts I’ve attended in the past 3½ years
* The early posts containing occasional sideways photos before I figured out what orientation tags are
* The even earlier entries from our first few months that had no pictures at all
* All the typos I never noticed, still out there waiting to annoy me (In fact, first time I retested the link for this entry, I found an old vacation entry missing an italics end tag. Duhhhh.)

…and more, more more! Have fun! And feel to reply to any of the oldies, too. Especially if you’d care to point out a typo that’s been around long enough to celebrate a birthday or two. UGH.

(Special thanks to the amazing colossal Rarasaur for sharing the idea many moons ago. I’ve kept it in my mental filing cabinet ever since, saving it till I could think of an image to go with it. The smiley that won this privilege is fifteen years old and has its own origin story, better saved for another time. Stay tuned to this channel!)

What do you, The Viewers at Home, think?

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