Indy Pop Con 2015 Photos, Part 1 of 3: Costumes from the Marvel/Disney Empire

Miles Morales, Ultimate Spider-Man!

Miles Morales, Ultimate Spider-Man, prepares to spring into action.

This weekend the second annual Indy PopCon once again overtook our Indiana Convention Center with a festive mix of comics, gaming, voice actors, established actors, animation, podcasting, and various other manifestations of pop and geek culture in general. This year’s guest list also encroached upon a new entertainment frontier: the rapidly expanding world of YouTube stars. My wife and I had never heard of any of those who were invited, but we were outnumbered several thousand to one in that regard.

We attended Saturday only for a limited time for a number of reasons with a short itinerary and modest expectations, but we took photos as usual for You, the Viewers at Home. The first two entries will be costumes, because that’s one of those things we like to see and share. In our first lineup: characters from the synergistic worlds of Marvel Comics, Walt Disney Animation, and that faraway Star Wars galaxy. Oddly, exactly half the viable cosplay pics we took comprised personalities from their corporate domain.

Also from Spider-Verse, Marvel’s newest, best-selling sensation: Spider-Gwen!


From the world of Spider-movies: Sandman! He performed on stilts and hefted a twenty-pound sand-hand for the part.


Also from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Agents of SHIELD! Agent Coulson, Agent Simmons, and SHIELD Security Guard #726. The shades obscure it a tad, but up close and in person, Coulson’s resemblance to the real Phil was remarkable.

Agents of SHIELD!

Representing for the movie villains: Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy, seen hanging out with a Cobra soldier and a variant Princess Peach. [Updated 6/29/2015: Special thanks to my son for labeling assistance that shouldn’t have been necessary. Old age is destroying my observational powers.]


From the comics of my youth: classic Hawkeye! In his civilian identity, sculptor John Marks also brought a few intimidating pieces with him that we’ll show off in Part Three.


Mandatory Deadpool! For newcomers to comics who haven’t yet met the Merc with a Mouth at a con.


But sometimes even Deadpool gets tense and needs a vacation. He kicks back, lets it all hang out, and flies down to whichever island resort sells the best chimichanga.

Hawaiian Deadpool!

And sometimes Deadpool stays on vacation too long, gets carried away with his mixed drinks, and finds himself assimilated way too deeply into tropical party life.

Tropical Vacation Deadpool!

Meanwhile over at Disney, here’s another fan of beach getaways: Frozen‘s Olaf!


Cosplay crossover! With distinctive makeup to accessorize her outfit and just the right expression, this hybrid villain’s official moniker was Grumpy Maleficent. (Full disclosure: she’s a friend of my wife’s.)

Grumpy Maleficent!

Mandatory Star Wars! Jedi vs. Mandalorians in a duel to the death for control of the Convention Center’s Georgia Street entrance. The winners get to stay in canon.

Jedi vs. Mandalorians!

To be continued! We refer you to Part Two for the rest of our costume photos and Part Three for pics and horror stories from the show floor…


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