Smartphone Test Post Requires Light Backpedaling for Longtime Smartphone Hater

If you search the MCC archives for “no smartphones” you’ll find an old entry in which this author grouses about his issues with our world’s favorite communication tool and/or babysitter.  Since humans retain the enviable privilege to change their minds as circumstances warrant, I’m invoking that privilege to give WordPress’ QuickPress app a whirl on the new phone I bought last weekend.

For the record: with my son leaving for college in the fall, setting up a means of keeping in touch and/or sending emergency notifications seemed prudent.  This tiny, cracker-sized gizmo won’t be usurping our PC anytime soon, but eschewing it merely because of other users’ disagreeable behaviors is no longer an option on the table.  I’m proud to report that so far I’ve yet to succumb to any temptation to use this while driving, working, or having dinner with my family.  Knock on wood.

I don’t expect to use QuickPress too often, but it’s nice to have an option in case inspiration strikes at the oddest times.

Gonna need lots more practice typing on this dollhouse keyboard, though.  Seems to be a device better suited for shorter thoughts and much, much shorter words.  With the way I talk and think, AutoText is only getting me so far.  Argh.

[UPDATED, next morning via PC: added link to last year’s entry in question.]

2 responses

  1. This must be your shortest post ever. I’ve tried to use WP on my phone – got frustrated and gave up. It isn’t for me. Even the glitches on my iPad sometimes send me to boot up the ol’ PC to get every word/pic into a post. Maybe you’ll have more success with it.


    • Maybe if I practice a lot, and/or come up with lots of ideas for 100-word posts. As it is, that one took 40 minutes to hunt-‘n’-peck on the phone, and 10 to edit tags and category, and I didn’t even want to know how convoluted the steps would be for inserting a picture. None of the buttons had text descriptions or intuitive icons; they just assumed I’d already used every phone-writing app ever and was a phone-writing master. Pffft.

      LOTS of trial ‘n’ error involved. But now I know I can do it! (If I’m ever desperate or in a weird mood again.)


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