…Every Word Handwritten.

Note 1 of 13
Note 2 of 13
Note 3 of 13
Note 4 of 13
Note 5 of 13
Note 6 of 13
Note 7 of 13
Note 8 of 13
Note 9 of 13
Note 10 of 13
Note 11 of 13
Note 12 of 13
Note 13 of 13

…and you should see our collection of grocery list memo pads….


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  1. Hilarious. I so get this Randall. I like to write and receive letters. (I don’t receive them) and now days I send handwritten notecards more than letters. We too have a kinds of notepads, from vendors trying to get their name in front of the person with money to burn. My husband has received several fancy pen sets over the years. (quarterly awards along with movie vouchers in lieu of an actual bonus) His pens have all gone to charity. He gave me a Monte Blanc one year for my birthday. It’s a substantial writing instrument. (for special occasions) I use a Sharpie for my everyday writing. Oh, and a keyboard.


    • I’ve been given a fancy pen exactly once in my life, by my sixth-grade math teacher when I was a high school senior. Long story, but great pen. Um, wherever it is ’round here. Our house is filled with my wife’s stockpile of free pens from shows at the fairgrounds, and tons of those Bic Crystal pens that come in ten-packs. Maybe I can suggest “really, really nice pen” as a future anniversary gift…


  2. Yeah… I used to write reams of letters in pen and ink, but can barely do that anymore. As soon as I see a sheet of writing paper, my mind goes blank (apart from the copious notes I make for posts that never materialize) and when I hold a pen these days my muscles can’t remember what to do. So I know the feeling, well.

    I do write snail-mail still though, if I have to, but more often than not people get typed letters from me. That’s when I can be bothered to turn on the printer which I hate almost as much as I hate handwriting!

    That said, I’ve some really nice hardback notebooks and when I write in them, quite miraculously my handwriting is legible. Well, for a bit anyway.


    • I have a notebook I use for a sort-of independent study I do on Sundays, where I write reams of paragraphs about what I’m reading through. Otherwise, I find a blank sheet of paper to be a scary thing to face, indeed.


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