How The Empty Chair Stole Christmas

I’m not usually one for reblogging, but this post represents a milestone: my very first guest post on another blog!

The folks behind “Freshly DePressed” blog invited me to share a synopsis of my experience with having two entries slapped with the “Freshly Pressed” label. In previous FDP posts, past Freshly Pressed candidates have listed common symptoms associated with their fifteen minutes of fame, such as temporary euphoria, post-Pressed depression, and misplaced sympathy for actors who refuse to sign on to any movie that’s not instantly Oscar-worthy.

Enjoy! Also I may have to begin soliciting possible names for my theoretical new mascot. Please keep in mind “Obamachair” sounds lame and partisan, and “Chairy” is already taken.

Freshly DePressed


Hi, my name is Randall at Midlife Crisis Crossover.  I was Freshly Pressed twice. Once for The Day An Empty Chair Ruled The Internet and again for Midlife Crisis Crossover 2012 in Review, Assuming the Next Thirteen Days are a Complete Write-Off. It’s been four months since I was first famous; three weeks since my encore.

One evening while pondering my blog’s tiny but breathing audience, I noticed millions of Americans were ignoring me and paying attention to an empty chair.  I could write and entertain.  It could not.  This imbalance seemed unfair.  However, the chair had the advantage of being lectured on live TV by a famous actor/director.  I can’t say for certain that that’s happened to me yet.  Advantage: chair.

Out of frustrated cognitive dissonance I wrote “The Day an Empty Chair Ruled the Internet”, the underlying moral of which was, “No chair should be this famous.”  Imagine…

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4 responses

  1. I’ll continue to follow your blog even if you don’t feel like one of the popular kids anymore. We all have times like that – and sometimes it is the really weird posts or the posts I’m not especially proud of on my blog that get all the high traffic. Go figure. Forget Freshly Pressed – I’m holding out for the movie deal.


    • I appreciate the support! I’m a little less panicky about my traffic than I used to be, but like anyone else, I have those discouraging days where I’ll work myself ragged for minimal response, then look at other blogs that can post a photo of a tree and get 400 Likes. Those are the times when I slump my shoulders the most…but my audience makes it worth it. 🙂


  2. Hi, (I’m the one who commented on your Bunheads posts?)
    I’ll be the first to admit my saying this sounds hypocritical, since I have not been following your blog for months (due to life more than anything), but I would be Incredibly sad if you stopped. There are not enough blogs that are informative, well written and witty, and ending yours would make that already appallingly slim number fewer.


    • Hi, Niki! Trust me, I remember you. I appreciated your helpful Gilmore Girls knowledge, and your forgiveness with my lack of same!

      Rest assured I’ve no plans of stopping anytime soon. Despite the focus of that particular article, I’m still enjoying what I do here (as well as the responses from readers like you), and daily traffic here is actually much better now than it was when Bunheads left us hanging last summer. (I didn’t really want to brag, but…yeah.) I do appreciate the kind words, and I guarantee Bunheads coverage will resume here very shortly. (Last night had a schedule conflict.)


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