My Complete Video Oeuvre, Part 3 of 3: Live from Super Bowl Village

For those just joining us: today concludes the three-part landmark miniseries that chronicles my few feeble forays into the world of video. Not one of these three videos is a crowning achievement; they’re the aesthetic equivalent of lower-tier DVD extras. It’s no coincidence that the sharing of this humbling collection coincides with one of the Internet’s traditionally quietest weeks of the year. Those brash young YouTube stars make it look so simple, but not all of us have the knack for that art form.

In Part One, we watched Chinese acrobats from the sidelines. In Part Two, we watched the award-non-winning live-action short film “Bear on Scooter”. In Part Three, I move from behind the camera to glorious center stage.

In January 2012, my hometown of Indianapolis hosted Super Bowl XLVI, Giants vs. Patriots. To welcome the influx of dollars and the tourists who temporarily carried them, downtown Indy was turned into one massive party zone. A few blocks’ worth of Georgia Street from the Conseco Fieldhouse (so named at the time) to the Indiana Convention Center was cordoned for pedestrians, filled with food trucks, surrounded with heating implements, besieged by souvenir hucksters, and temporarily renamed Super Bowl Village. I’m not a sports fan, but my company was generous enough to reward me for meritorious service with one (1) free pass to visit the NFL Experience exhibition inside the Convention Center, along with two hours’ paid time-off to attend during Friday VIP hours before the rest of the public was allowed inside. I’m one of five known Hoosiers statewide who’s not a sports fan, but I’m not foolhardy enough to reject free tickets to anything, or an excuse for paid time-off.

While I was snapping photos for my friends and enjoying the sights as much as possible within my personal limitations, I found an outdoor kiosk that allowed visitors to record a short video to send to friends, family, or casting directors. During my few minutes’ wait in line, I cobbled together a few sentences in my head and gave it a haphazard shot.

I wish I’d known that I had a blinking problem. I can’t blame it on chilly weather because Indianapolis was miraculously beset with our warmest winter temperatures in years. It’s possible that my furious blinking was a subconscious form of rebellion against my conscious effort to maintain eye contact with the camera. Some part of my mind hates eye contact. I’ve been told by other people in assorted situations that I have a strong reading voice, but it’s hard to hear anything over the sound of my eyelids going SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM.

A quick check of my caller ID confirms that no, not a single YouTube user has contacted me with a guest-spot offer in the eleven months since this demo was released. I do, however, take pride in the fact that as of this writing my Super Bowl Village greeting has racked up nearly twice as many views as that pretentious “Bear on Scooter”.

[Today is Day Five of the seven-day Daily Post’s “Just Do It!” Weekly Writing Challenge, in which WordPress bloggers were dared to post-a-day for seven consecutive days. My live cameo makes five the hard way. Thanks for reading!]

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