“Very Inspiring Blogging Award” Nominee Begins Saving Up for Full-Page “Variety” Ad

Very Inspiring Blogger AwardAfter a most unusual Labor Day Weekend enlivened by the responses to “The Day an Empty Chair Ruled the Internet“, I was humbled and flattered to be notified and nominated for a “Very Inspiring Blogging Award”. I’ve see similar awards passed around other blogs in the vicinity, but this is the first time one was pinned in my general direction. Suffice it to say, when someone presents me with the word “award” in it, I’m nothing less than honored and grateful.

Out of curiosity as a relative newcomer to the WordPress community, I tried researching the history of this blessed community achievement, but the roads were many and tangled. Who created this prize? Who was the original governing body or organization? Is there a Hall of Fame dedicated to past nominees and winners? Alas, the trail that I followed only went as far back as January 2012 before dead-ending, despite my resorting to viewing Google cached pages to connect a few broken links. Along the path I encountered many an exercise guru, photographer par excellence, fellow Christian, wizened sage, creative powerhouse, master chef, published author, and talking cat. I consider myself privileged to share the same datastream as these peers, predecessors, professionals, authority figures, and cats with an above-average command of spelling and grammar.

The official rules for accepting this nomination showed minute variations, as filtered through each respective nominee’s writing style, but always numbered at least four:

1. Display the nomination logo on your blog. See above.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. Special, humbled thanks to Enchanted Seashells for the unexpected nod. To acknowledge this honor tonight, my planned tribute to Dial H for Hero has been postponed until a later date.

3. State 7 things about yourself. For those keeping score at home, consider these Bullet Points #101-107:

101. My best possible chance to participate in the National Spelling Bee was ruined by the word “fulsome”.
102. The first ‘D’ I ever received on a report card was in tenth-grade Debate class.
103. Despite dozens of recommendations from very well-meaning friends, I’ve never seen Fireproof because I’m afraid of how I’ll react.
104. I know all the words to “Bring the Noise”, but I prefer Public Enemy’s original to the later jam version with Anthrax.
105. The only soap opera I can say I ever really followed was Knots Landing.
106. I’m now collecting twice as many Image Comics series as I am DC Comics series.
107. One of my ears used to be pierced.

4. Nominate 15 other blogs for the Very Inspiring Blogging Award. And here we go:

1. Bucket List Publications, which I’m pretty sure is already deservedly festooned with awards a-plenty, but consider the fearless Mrs. Carter hereby named nonetheless.

2. Cristian Mihai; same deal here in terms of extra-awardedness. I first began following him early into my new-blog acclimatization period and found plenty of useful takeaways form his regular dollops of writing advice, even though he’s almost half my age and I don’t have an actual book fully planned in my head just yet.

3. Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth.
Recommended reading: “In Defence of Libraries

4. One Grain Amongst the Storm
Recommended reading: “The Last Salute

5. Canadian Hiking Photography
Recommended viewing: All of it. Grab a drink, give those sumptuous pages time to load, then marvel at the results.

6. Clotilda Jamcracker
Recommended reading: “Bring out your dead

7. Leanne Cole’s Photography Field Trips
Recommended montage: “Architecture in the Picture

8. Ms. Elena Levon Traveling. Great motto: “I choose to collect memories instead of things.” This is almost exactly why our family buys far fewer souvenirs than the average tourists, and why I’ve written online about our road trips every year.
Recommended reading: “Letter To My Father

9. retireediary
Recommended photo spread: “The Rainbow of Flowers in Biei and Furano, Japan

10. Simply Sage
Recommended viewing: “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

11. Together
Recommended reading: “Murder in the First” (It helps if, like me, you watched the movie years ago and can still remember the impression it left on you.)

12. Honie Briggs
Recommended reading: “Eighteen Hours in a Red Cross Shelter

13. The Smile Scavenger
Recommended reading: “‘Wow, That’s a Big Jump!’: a Fool’s Guide to Making Drastic Career Changes“.

14. LIFE is unwritten
Recommended reading: “How to Change the World Without Really Trying

15. Iconically Rare
Recommended reading: “Releasing Your Inner Superhero — Iconic Exemplars

As always, thanks very much for reading. Emphatic thanks once again to Enchanted Seashells for the nomination. For those of you still along for the ride, I hope at least one future post here will be worth your time.

Good night to one and all, stay well, drive safely, may God bless you, keep reaching for the stars, and don’t forget to tip your valet. That goes double for you talking cats, who really shouldn’t be driving anyway.

22 responses

  1. THANK YOU for the recognition !

    Btw, I’m blown away by No. 5, Canadian Hiking Photography. Unbelievable.

    This is the best award acceptance that I’ve seen on WordPress—especially the way you went the distrance and even recommended specific articles for each of your 15 nominee selections.

    Obviously, you have lofty standards and produce work of the highest quality. ~Sonya


    • The list took a little more work to assemble in that fashion, but to me it was worth it. The idea (and the writing challenge) occurred to me I had after spending a lot of time this past week checking out scores of other blogs and seeing for myself what other talents and voices had to say out there beyond my own little confines. I loved the idea of introducing everyone to each other, and it seemed like a great icebreaker to give examples of pieces that specifically spoke to me in some way.

      And when it was time to brainstorm nominees, rest assured #5 was among the first names off the top of my head. I think his camera views the world more perceptively than my own eyes do.


  2. Thank you for the momination, it really is appreciated. I wondered why that article had received a spike in readers! I’m going to work my way through your recommendations, looks like there’s some good stuff there.


    • It was my hope that everyone would find something new and interesting in there among the other names. The whole “reading list” idea actually came to me not long after your own recent entry about the slow death of the fine art of book-reading. Blogs may not be books, but they can be a much more worthwhile use of one’s literacy than many time-wasting Internet activities.

      (…says the Facebook user currently juggling several different games of Words with Friends. I’m not innocent in this!)


    • My pleasure! It remains one of my all-time Kevin Bacon performances, but I saw the movie many years before reading the New Testament for myself. The parallels you drew between the movie and Matthew served to draw some interesting mental connections between two very disparate eras in my life. Calling it “food for thought” is an understatement.


    • Thanks! Before creating this blog, I had no idea how interconnected the WordPress community could be. The experience has been an eye-opening, educational, and often entertaining revelation. I have a feeling there’re lots of other good folks out there I’ve yet to discover, too.


  3. Image comics, really? Have you checked out much of Vertigo (DC) comics? If not, do. They’ll reconvert you. 😉 Though you can’t go wrong with some Witchblade.

    Thanks for the nomination! I am honored as well… and I promise to get around to writing out a response at some point, but fair warning: they take me a while. I do very much appreciate it, though! 😀


    • No rush expected — an entire week passed between my receipt and my acceptance, so I’m in no position to tap my foot impatiently at anyone, nor do I plan on notifying WordPress Police if someone decides not to do anything with this. To me the award is a fun, creative vehicle for telling people, “Look at these neat things I’ve read.”

      I’ve been a longtime fan of Vertigo since its inception, from the old Sandman days on up. Their lineup is leaner than it used to be, but I’m currently enjoying The Unwritten and, to my own surprise, Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus. It didn’t sound remotely like my kind of thing at all, but it’s turned out to be more even-handed and a lot less posturing than I expected, not to mention fantastically drawn.


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