Skyscraper Could Make Lovely Starter Home for Young Trillionaire Couple

At 48 stories and an external height of 830 feet at the pinnacle of its uppermost spire, Chase Tower is the tallest, most intimidating building in Indiana. Among WikiPedia’s rankings of tall buildings, it’s Indianapolis’ only entry in America’s Top 40. It’s one of the few memorable standouts in panoramic photographs of our not-exactly-sprawling downtown.

Chase Tower offers convenient connection to the ritzy Columbia Club, a unique view of Monument Circle, a neighbor in historic Christ Church Cathedral, quick access to a commendable comic shop just around the corner, and eight different Starbucks within healthy walking distance (two of those at short, arthritis-friendly shuffling distance). Right next to it is the best place to stand for any Hoosier who wants to pretend they’re in Manhattan.

According to the Indiana Business Journal, it’s also for sale:

[Chase Tower] was sold recently to Beacon Capital Partners LLC as part of a package of 14 office towers Beacon bought from Charter Hall Office REIT in Sydney, Australia, for $1.71 billion.

Beacon, which closed on the building earlier this year, is now marketing it for sale through the Chicago office of Jones Lang LaSalle and New York-based Eastdil Secured, a unit of Wells Fargo.

How cool would it be if you and millions of your closest online friends could each chip in $100 and make an offer? If you’re one of Justin Bieber’s 22,570,604 Twitter followers (as of the second I’m typing this), you and your fellow J-Bieb enthusiasts would only need to pony up $75.77 apiece to match the previous sale price for the entire 14-skyscraper package. If you can persuade the sellers to break up the set and part with just the Chase Tower, that shared stake becomes even more of a bargain.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if all 22,570,604 co-owners could fit inside simultaneously and turn it into 48 stories of sheer party town. A timeshare system might be in order. Heck, I’d be tempted to piggyback on the deal myself, in exchange for anytime line-jumping access to the Paradise Bakery on the Tower’s ground floor.

If $1.71 billion seems too steep, the same IBJ article also references a listing for the nearby Capital Center, a modest complex of two mini-skyscrapers (more like skywavers, really) each 17 and 22 stories tall, the shorter of which houses Fifth Third Bank’s central Indy offices. Imagine closing the deal on this and being able to tell your friends you’re a bank’s landlord. They’ll either high-five you and declare you King of Turning the Tables on The Man, or slap a red-letter “1%” on your chest after they finish tarring and feathering you.

If it helps sweeten the deal, the South Tower has a stellar coffee shop. It’s not even a Starbucks.

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