Cincinnati Comic Expo 2016 Photos #1: Cosplay!

Dick Tracy and Breathless Mahoney!

Gracing our presence on Saturday were Dick Tracy and Breathless Mahoney, from that one Warren Beatty film. (No, not Bulworth.)

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

It’s convention time yet again! This weekend my wife Anne and I have driven two hours southeast of Indianapolis to attend a show we’ve never done before, the seventh annual Cincinnati Comic Expo. In the past she and I have talked about trying cons in other Midwest cities, but the Expo is our first time venturing out to Ohio for one. In addition to proximity and complete lack of schedule conflict with anything else we had going on, CCE’s guest list includes a pair of actors we missed at previous cons who represented glaring holes in one of her themed autograph collections. With her birthday coming up in a few weeks, which usually means a one-day road trip somewhere, we agreed this would count as her early celebration.

But first and foremost as usual: cosplay! Presenting a showcase of all the costumes we photographed during our hours walking through and around the exhibit hall on Friday and early Saturday. So many of these were wonderful character choices that it was impossible for me to point to any one, two, or ten of them and say, “I loved this one most!” Regardless: enjoy the gallery!

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